Only One Love

When Skylar's Mum gets a job as One Direction's Hair dresser Skylar gets to go on tour with Boys. Will she fall for one? Or is it to complicated?


2. Two

Skylar's P.O.V

"Im nearly ready mum!" I yell through my closed door. I pack a few tees, a couple pairs of shoes, some shorts, some jeans and a couple of sweaters. 'Knock Knock' i hear at the door as i put my bra on "come in." I sing in the tune of One Thing picking up a tank top as Harry walks in.

"I thought you were mum." I say, quickly putting my tank top on as i go red.

"Sorry, sorry you said come in..." He quickly walks out, i smile putting my hair up im a bun. I take both my bags outside. I jump not realising Harry was waiting outside my room.

"You gave me a fright!" He Takes my bags off me and walks down the stairs.

"Sorry." He says not looking at me.

I follow Harry out to the tour bus and my mouth drops.

"Whoa!" I look at the five faces that are on the tour bus.

"Like it?" Louis asks me and i nod.

"Its massive!" He smiles

"Would you like a tour?... On the tour bus." I laugh and nod.

Louis tours me around the bus. He showed me my room, where the bathroom is, where the kitchen is and there bedroom and bathroom.

"Thats the tour on the tour bus." Louis said winking

"Thanks Lou." I smiled.

I walked to my room and slumped on my bed. Harry walked in and grabbed my arm.

"Harry let go!" I yelled and he smirked

"Come do something with is." He pouted

"You mean with you." Niall teased

"Arg fine!" I finally said, Harry grew a smile on his face showing his dimple.

We all walked down stairs, i saw mum making dinner.

"Nanchos YUM!" Niall yelled, i laughed.

"We're going to watch a movie is that okay?" I asked mum and she nodded. I followed Harry into the Tv room and he put: the boogey monster, movie in.

"If you get scared just tell me." He whispered, i nodded smiling sitting on the couch next to Liam, Harry looked at me and patted the seat next to him then pouted. I mouthed 'fine' and walked over to him and sat down, he smiled at me and i saw Li laugh.

"What?" I asked him

"Nothing..." He tried not to laugh, i rolled my eyes and played the movie with the remote.

Half way through the movie i got a bit tired but Harry kept making me jump when he got scared! I lied my head on his shoulder. Then he jumped again.

"Harry man up you wuss!" I yelled, i got up and sat next to Liam. 'And im staying here!' I mouthed to Harry. I lied my head back onto the couch and started to watch the movie again. I started to dose off.


I woke up to a man in my bed on his phone

"Harry?" He looked at me

"Yeah?" He questioned me

"Why are you in my bed?" He smirked

"Because you fell asleep on the couch and everyone else went to bed before me so i brought you to bed and i just slept in this bed aswell so i didnt wake the other boys." I nodded

"Do you want some breakfast." I nodded rubbing my eyes wrapping a robe around me, i followed Harry to the kitchen and he lifted me up to the counter and his lips crashed on mine. I pulled away as my cheeks became hot.

"What was that for?" I quietly questioned him

"The boys know how i feel about you and i just cant hide my feelings anymore, Skylar i... I love you!" He looked down. I blushed.

I connected my lips with his again, someone came into the kitchen while we were kissing but we both didn't seem to notice.

"SKYLAR!" I bit Harry's Lip because i jumped.

"Sorry.." I whispered getting down from the counter as my cheeks went very hot.

"Come with me young lady!" Mum pulled me out of the kitchen and to my bedroom. I sat on my bed looking down ashamed...

"What were you doing with Styles?!" She said as if she didn't know, i rolled my eyes and laid down on the bed.

"God Skylar why are you so difficult!" She said walking out, i wasn't that bothered fighting right now. I locked my door but i heard knocking literally seconds later!

"What?!" I yelled through the door.

"Its Liam." He said not yelling, i smiled letting him in.

"Finally someone i can talk to!" I hugged Liam tightly. As he hugged back. I closed my eyes then opened them a little bit later as i saw Harry he was walking up to us but just walked back away.

"Harry wait!" I yell letting go of Liam running after Harry. But i stopped, to think. 'Why am i running after Harry, our love is already complicated?' So i turned around, i let out a sigh and i jumped on my bed and just cried forgetting Liam was right there.

"Dont cry Sky." He sat next to me and hugged me.

"Lili i love all you boys and especially i have a special love for Harry but my mum, im not allowed to date until im like 40!" I cried into his shoulder as he rubbed my back.

"Yeah but..." Liam said i looked up at him waiting for and answer, he wiped my tears.

"But what?" I question and he shrugged

"You have to work everything out by yourself, but if you really need us me and Niall are here for you. This is the first week Harry isnt the only one thats crazy about you." He winked leaving a sloppy kiss on my cheek and walked out the door.

I smiled at his comment, i didnt know if he meant that he had feelings for me or one of the other boys?

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