From a Fan, to His Girlfriend

She was just a fan until Louis sent her a message on KIK. They connected instantly. They both couldn't cook, they were alike in so many ways, and they love each other deeply. They meet when Ocean goes to his concert and sneaks backstage to see him. Will there be struggles in their relationship or will it be fine? Read to find out.


1. Introduction

Hi. I'm Ocean! I'm from Pennsylvania, USA and I'm a huge One Direction fan. I have loved them since I saw them on the X-Factor. They mean everything to me. Louis is my favorite if I had to choose, but I love them all equally. They are amazing.

I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I have a lot of freckles and my dimples show a lot. I hate it. I'm skinny but not a stick. I wish I was, but I am who I am and I can't change even if I tried. A little Same Love action there. Haha. I'm very tan it's kind of scary how I get in the winter because of how tan I am in the summer.

I graduated from Suskey High School just last year and now I'm 19 in Penn State collage. It's a really good collage and the nice thing is I don't have to have a roomate. YAY!! I like roomates, but I like a lot of time to my self. Also nobody is willing to roomate with me because I Fangirl too much. I have friends here just they don't like constant fangirling and I understand where they are coming from my best friend used to be like that with Justin Bieber it was horrible.

My hobbies are singing, dancing, and being on twitter most of my day with the updates of One Direction and another person I like, Selena Gomez. I don't have a boyfriend because they aren't Louis Tomlinson or Nash Grier. Yes, I like a YouTuber too. That's not a bad thing.

But that's enough about me.

Hey everyone! I hope you will like this story I'm trying to make something new. Jayde 😋😘

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