What is my point?

What is the point of imaginary friends?


1. What is my point?

~~ My name is Joseph Willer, I come from a cartoon she watched on TV. Interesting enough, I am not the leading character. I am just his best friend. And still she preferred to have me and not him. I can never find out why, maybe because she needed someone like me to be her friend. Not the hero, not the one who gets the fame, but the simpler one. The one who is not perfect.
 I think she needed someone not perfect so that she can prove she herself. She needed someone who is not better than her, someone who she can easily defeat. Looking at her life, she really needed some way to boost her confidence. Someway to prove she is able to do something special. Everyone around her had a gift, they had something to be proud of. And she was a shy girl, sitting in the edge of the classroom. She couldn’t dance, she couldn’t draw and her best friend always got the better grade. Her best friend always got the attention. Anyone would feel envy.
 I must admit that putting me into her life was a much better decision than the usual ones. Most people would just become grumpy and develop a complex. Or they might even get sick psychologically.
 But she found a way to deal with her problem in a way that doesn’t change her.
 She got me. I think it was a bit unusual for a 11 year old to make up an imaginary friend. I even found it weird that an 11 year old still would have an imaginary friend, but as I said, maybe that’s the better decision.
 Children have them so that they are not bored, so why not have them to prevent you from getting a psychological problem?
 The only fact that surprises me is that it all happened automatically, she didn’t think she needed me to fix her confidence, she just thought it would be nice to have me in her life.
 She is so smart she doesn’t even know it.
 But maybe she didn’t invent me, because she needed someone to boost her confidence. I think she just needed someone to love her. Watching all these movies and reading all these books, wouldn’t you dream of love? Of that magical feeling. Wouldn’t you?
 And I guess if your best friend gets all the attention, how can you get a boy to like you? How can you get a boy to like you when even the slightest word from a stranger panics you? Not really much choice.
 I guess if I wasn’t there she would have developed a different complex.
 Turns out, my job is simply to prevent her from becoming a psycho. To make sure she is a normal human being.
 Or maybe not. Maybe my job is simply to make her happy. To compliment her when her mom is not around. To give her that special present, no one else thought of. To tell her I love her, when her parents are not feeling sentimental.
 It might not be real, but if you repeat it long enough you start to believe it. And even now, when she is 16, I am still here, and she knows I am not real, but she doesn’t care. She wants, needs someone to bring her joy. She wants to dream about this magical world where she is happy. She wants to have these few moments when she can believe her world is better. To believe she is better than what she actually is. She needs all of us to give her that. every imaginary friend has to take part to make this happen. We all join to create that magical world, where she is the perfect human being. A magical world where she can feel infinite happiness.
 Isn’t that the point of imaginary friends?

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