Adventure in egypt

Mia and her friends find treasure at the hotel in Egypt. What will it lead to? Will there be a reward?


1. the beginning

It was a dark, windy night as Mia lay in her small but comfy bed. She was thinking about going on the Egypt trip in her school should she go or should she not go. She didn't want to go because she would miss her crush who was a secret but she wanted to go to see all the magnificent pyramids. What will she choose?

It was the day of the deciding she was very nervous but she didn't know why. She looked eye to eye with her crush. She smiled. He smiled. What will she pick?

It was her turn she said yes. She was worried. What if her crush said no. What would she do? Luckily it was his turn she looked at him he said...


Mia was delighted but she kept a straight face. She was really excited about going so she ran and told her best friend Rhian.

In Spanish the next day Mia got moved next to her crush she was really happy and by that time she looked him in the eye and smiled uncontrollably.

"This is my chance", Mia said to herself in her mind. Mia said to her crush "can I talk to you in private after this lesson?" Mia's crush said yes.

Mia and her crush walked together and Mia stopped and asked him "will you go out with me?" Her crush said YES they hugged and went to lesson.

It was the day they finally went to Egypt Mia and her crush sat next to each other on the jam-packed plane.

It was a long journey Mia fell asleep on her crushes arm and he hugged her elegantly.

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