The raid on Northfield bank

You have to read it to find out what happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. How we found out ??

There was a shriek, which caught my attention. It was Bethany! As I looked out of my kitchen window, I saw a by-stander run in to the bank and never come back out. As I looked closer, I could see one man standing at the main entrance of the door with a shotgun. This wouldn't be unusual but it was different this time! He looked nervous and shifty.

As time went on the shriek got louder and turned to screaming, but it sounded different. It was a younger voice. It was Isabell, Bethany's daughter. A few minutes later a shotgun went off. I looked at the street, there wee two young children. I ran out and grabbed them, I got them to a safe place and gave them some food and water.

The gun went off again. This time there was blood. The robbers ran. I watched them run down the road. Once I couldn't see them, I ran straight to the bank. As I walked in I could see Isabell sitting down crying. Bethany and her husband Jake was trying to calm her down. I pushed my way though the crowd to see Selena lying on the floor, with a pool of blood around her.  

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