The Caged Bird


1. Prologue

  Saoirse stood poised on the rooftop of the building. Her toes curled over the edge. Shards of glass lay strewn around her and the air was still thick with smoke. But to Saoirse it was the most beautiful sight in the world. The world below seemed miles away, the people smaller than dolls. All of them going about their business as if nothing had changed in the whole wide world. But Saoirse knew better, by tomorrow morning they would realize that everything was going to change forever.

  Saoirse knew she didn't have much time. Soon an army would arrive for her, but by then it would be too late. By then she would be long gone. She wondered would it hurt to die, but she knew it couldn't possibly hurt as much as it would if they controlled her again. Now she was finally in control, finally free. A smile crept across her face as flung herself from the rooftop. Two words came to her head as she plunged to her death. Thanks Ruby...

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