A Hymn to Him

A collection of my romance poems.

(Cover credit to Herleen28)


1. A Hymn to Him

The tender ferocity of my deep, deep love

Sings like that of the wings of a dove

Thought to be silly, but sent from above

It's real, it's there, it's a real song of

My adoration to you, beloved one

You never stick around but run

I feel like all you do is shun

Shutting out my cascading waterfall

The roaring falls of my love, that's all

Never bothering to answer the call

Of how much I want you, need you, love you

Ah, they say, 'tis puppy love, it may

No, I say, answer 'tis nay

'Tis deeper than that I say 

They just don't seem to see 

The bond I have seen in you and me

But, then again, I may be wrong

Even with deep feelings this strong

It may be an illusion, a trick of the mind

Maybe your heart is not mine to find

For you are with her, she with you

Nobody to say to bid her adieu

She is prettier than I, and more affable at least

I am meager rations, she a feast

Easy on the eyes, it's clear to see

She's above anyone like me

You gaze upon her demeanor demure

Love so real, with no true cure

For now and since the first day we met

Without worry or care, without strife or fret

I held nothing as true

To my heart as you

Since day one 'till forever I lay

In the dusty walls of a coffin someday

My heart, while it beats solely and true

Beats for nothing else but the love of you

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