Elena StyPayHorLikSon

(This one I made while I was bored and I just had to quickly think of a name)
Hi.im Elena StyPayHorLikSon and I'm 4.I have 5 daddies 3 mommies 9 aunties and 6 uncles.To sum it up 1d are my daddies there girlfriends are my mommies,my daddies sisters are my aunties and 5 SOS are my uncles.I love my family so much!they are amazing!!


1. chapter 1

Elena's POV

Hi I'm Elena!i have 5 daddy's 5uncles 12 aunts and 3 mommies and 5 granies.I have a big family!my birthday is January 12,2010.My birthday is on daddays bday.Since I have a lot of daddies I gave them all different daddy names.Harry is dad,Niall is NI NI,Liam is daddy LI,zayn is dadday and Louis is daddy.today is January 11 and tomorrow is my 5 birthday!! It's going to be soo cool!me and my daddies live in London.I go on tour with them and I practice my alphabet along the way.Letters are hard!Soon I'm going to be able to count to 20 though!! Right now I'm in the living room at 4:00 am watching bubble guppies.My least favorite show.But it's the only thing on so ya.

"AHHHHH BOYS ELENA ISNT HERE!!!"I heard NI NI yell panicked.I giggled and got up ran upstairs quietly and ran to daddy's room.I quietly opened the door to see him putting clothes on over his pjs probably about to go out side and look for me

"Daddy are you ok?"


"I I'm s-sorry I was w-watching the t-tellie!"I started to cry because I was scared that he was going to hurt me.

"Aww baby don't cry I didn't mean to yell I was just worried."

" o ok "I then ran to him and Hugged him.He picked me up and took me to my room.When he opened the door all the rest of the boys were searching everywhere in my room.

"DADDYS IM HOME!!"I shouted

"ELENA!!" The yelled and tackled us in a hug

"Where were you?!"dad said

"Down staiws"I hate my baby language everyone thinks it's cute!

"Ok you gotta tell us before you leave we were so worried!"

"Ok dad"I smiled

"Since we are all wake lets all go snwuggle and watch mwovies!!!"I exclaimed

"We're sorry princess but we have to go get ready for a tellie show"NI NI said

"Oh ok." I said

"Why don't you get ready to and then put Loki on a collar and once I'm ready I will take you on a morning walk"daddy LI said

"Ok!! But pwease weave I need to get weady!!!"

"Ok ok we're leaving"dadday said.Once they left I got dressed in a shirt that said 'Miss.StyPayHorLikSon' on it with some black skinny jeans and red converse with a 5sos beanie and my little mix necklace.Once I was done I ran to my bathroom brushed teeth and ran down stairs and put Loki on a leash.

"DADDY LI!IM WEADY!!"he then came jogging in

"Oh I see you are supporting your daddy's uncles and aunties band at the same time?"


"Ok let's go!!"he grabbed Lokis leash then my hand and held it tightly and we walked to the door then picked me up and opened the door to many PAPS.

"Hey puny bitch where are you going?!"

"Don't talk to my daughter that way you ass hole!"

"Cunt I just want a picture of you and the bitch!"

"He isn't a cwunt!! You are!!"I yelled to him.

Daddy LI then ran through the PAPS and to a park through a crowd of people losing the PAPS he then sat me down and got on one knee to my hight and said

"Elena Jane StyPayHorLikSon you do NOT talk like that!"

"I-I'm sorry daddy l-LI"

"We are going home right now!"he said I started to cry and he called Paul and he came and picked us up and drove us him.When we got there no more PAPS were there.He held my hand tightly and walked in slamming the door

"BOYS GET YOUR BUMS DOWN HERE NOW!"he yelled angrily.Now I'm in trouble.

The boys came running down stairs

"What's wrong?"dad asked

"Elena why don't you tell them what you said before we got to the park?!"

"I-I-I-this mean g-guy was being mean and I tried to help because dadday always says try to help so I -I did and the mean guy ca-called daddy li a b-bad word and I said 'no he isn't a bad word you are!'"I then broke down and cried"IM SORRY I WEALLY AM!!I DIDNT THINK WHEN I DID IT JUST DONT HURT ME!!!"I screamed

"Elena!!we would never!!its not a good thing to cuss and Daddy LI shouldn't of cussed either"daddy eyes him"but we forgive you,but don't do it again!"

"Ok I'm sorry daddy LI I was only trying to help"

"It's ok baby,now we need to go!!"he was right we need to get to the studio for the tellie show in 30 minuets.I ran to dadday I jumped on him.He laughed and said

"Liam make sure we have everything Niall grab her juice box and some snacks and Harry grab her coloring stuff stat!"they did everything and then we were ready.Dadday held me firmly against my chest while I held my arms around his neck.He kissed my cheek and I kissed his.I giggled and he tickled me a little.When we stepped out there were PAPS everywhere!but Paul cleared us a path and when we got in the limo I saw the car seat that I hate so much I crawled on the seat and kept going until I was in NI NIs seat he got in and said

"Gotta get in the car seat princess"

"But NI NI can I sit on your lap?????"


"Yay!"he chuckled an put me on his lap.

Once everyone was in I got bored

"Dad can you give me the colowing bwook pwease?"

"Sure thing love!"he then handed me the book and coloring crayons.I drew 5 tall boys that are my daddy's and I gave all of them good detail and I drew a small stick puppy and I drew me in the middle.On the top I wrote

'The StyPayHorLikSon family!'even though it probably is just a bunch of scribbles.I added a lot of stuff.I had daddy holding a carrot,dadday with a paint brush,Daddy LI with a cowboy hat,NI NI with a nandos bag and dad with his cat at nanny Anne's house(Harry's mum) and then me.

"Daddy's look what I drew look what I drew!!"I gave it to NI NI and he smiled

"this is amazing Elena!"he passed it to daddy LI

"I get my cowboy hat yay!!!"I giggled and he passed it to dad

"My kitten!!!"he then passed it to daddy

"Yay I got my carrot!!my 1 favorite food"

"You added my lucky paint brush!!!"dadday said

"We will put it in a frame at home later Kay babe?"daddy said

"Yay ok!"I said

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