Love murders

After in a car crash Nina has been in a coma for three months while her brother Niall has got a new girl and is leaving for a tour soon,when she decides to date her best friend,will another friend go overboard for her love?


3. Back to school

"'s everyone at school?" I asked as Teddy and I built a boat out of Legos."Well Adelisa really misses you!!!Everyday she asks me 'how's Nina?'!!!!!!" I laughed when he started to make funny faces as he replied "Anything else?," "Nope" Teddy replied popping the p.

I was starting to get tired. "I'm going to bed,you comin?" I asked after having one great yawn,"Ok,come help me clean up these Legos before you go running off to bed!!!" I laughed,"Okay,okay!!".After cleaning up Legos,brushing our teeth,and saying 'goodnight' to my mom,dad,and brothers,me and Teddy went to sleep.

"Goodnight best friend" "Good night", we cuddled together as we drifted of into sleep.I wonder what will happen at school tommorow ?

That morning I woke up at 7:00,which is earlier than usual so I just played on my IPod until my alarm would go off. Just a few minutes later Teddy woke up and we went in the bathroom to brush our teeth. "I can't wait to go back to school!! I haven't been there in so long!!" I whispered to my self as I walked downstairs.Waiting for me was,Niall, he was going to drop Teddy and I off at school.

The whole time we were singing in the car until Niall broke the silence,"Nina,you guys have to walk home ok?" ,he said that in a serious tone so I knew something was up."What's wrong?" I asked ,"'s just that well,Megan is coming over I hope you guys will like her." I can tell he was very worried,"Don't worry", me and Teddy assured him.

Once we reached the school Teddy and I raced to the classroom(I won).I sat down waiting for class to start,when my 2nd best friend Adelisa came over to my desk. "Hey!!!!How you doing?" she said in an enthusiastic way "I'm good!!!" "I have some thing to tell you, can I come over for a sleep over?" Adelisa said with a grin,"Of course, see you then!" she walked to her desk as the teacher got our attention.

The teacher let us go early so Teddy and I walked to our lockers ( which were obviously together)." Teddy you can't come over today!" "Why?" he asked with a frown,"Adelisa is sleeping over!", I grinned took his hand and dragged him to science. While running to science the usual happened people called us 'the lovebirds' and slammed us on the ground as the bell rang, but that all ran out of our minds as our hands intertwined.

"Are you sure I can't come over?I wanna see if your brother's girlfriend is hot!!",he said pouting "Ok but you have to leave when it is time for me to sleep,and no checking people out!!",I said putting my finger in his face.

Once we got to my house I walked in and saw Niall sitting and talking with a beautiful brunette she looks nice.....

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