Youth of Today

A collection of the works of today's most talented young authors.


1. Youth of Today (by K. E. Kamiko)

Youth of Today (by K. E. Kamiko)

The masses

Crammed tightly together

In schoolrooms, in classes

Like birds of a feather

Without an aspect in common

But the common tether

They all have one thing in common-

They aren't at all understood

They stand alone in a world

Where the rulers are those in adulthood

Past the blissful days of euphoria

Of childish days of scraped knees before ya

Hit the dark ages

The teen years

Today's masses of youth

Are misunderstood

Different on the outside

But under the hood

All the same, nothing to hide

What adults don't seem to see

Is the individuality

Feeling as much as those grown, of happiness and sorrow

Overflowing in today's youth

The future of tomorrow

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