There I was, standing all alone looking for the beast who ruined everything there was in life for me. There was no turning back. This is war. I stand still still listening around. With my arrow gun in my hand, I stood straight in the position of shooting. I took of my red cloak when suddenly I started feeling dizzy and collapsed on the ground. At that moment I turned into something horrible and terrifying. My name is Red.


1. Dead silence

"Honey, after when your finish with the dishes, go get us some fresh water". 

"Yes Granny". Red finished up and ran with two buckets in her hand, all soaked up. She set them down gently and began to hook them to the wire. While she was getting water she began to look around. She would always get that feeling that someone was watching her and out to get her but always ignored the feeling. She knew it was silly. When she finished, she gathered the buckets and went back to the cot(cottage). 

"Granny, I got the water where do you want me to put it?"

"just on the table". 

"Ok. Um so do you need any help?"

"No, I got it. Go put on something more. . . . . . Presentable". 

"Whoa why?"

"Roberts dad and his 'boys' and Robert too, ate having supper at our place and you need to look good when they come over or at least descent". 

"How this happen? Where was I?"

"You were here. I went to the market and met his dad and invited him over. It was a great opportunity. It's not big deal". 

"Wait an opportunity for what?"

"Just stop asking questions and put something on". 

"Whatever. Fine but I hoe you know we don't have anything to talk about do it will be dead silence". 

"Trust me we will". 


"Wow Martha, I have to say, your corn bread is delouse. Don't you agree boys". There was a hollering of answered but quieted down. 

"Aww, why thank you. It goes around the family.  It's a tradition that soon Red will be taking over when she has children of her own". She turned and smiled at Red. "So I wanted to to tell you why I invited you here and just talk about it cause your wondering why I did. Well truth is tomorrow morning, I will be attending the the morning café. The topic is about the wolve and I know......"

"Please Granny don't do this", Red said cutting Granny off. 

She continued. "This wolf has been been around for centuries killing people almost every day. Even our children. I'm not saying to kill the beast. In fact I'm telling you not to. If we leave peace it will go away and I promise you that. It's the balance". 

" Thank you for your offer but I think our way is more suitable". 

"Excuse me more suitable. More possible. Yours is the opposite. You no nothing about control or how to control this cause if you did this would be over. You do nothing about it because its not you in danger. Your a coward. We have to start acting now before it gets worse and when it does because you didn't do anything it will be your fault. Do you here meh". 

     It was silent through the whole room. They finished there meals in silence and thank them for having them over even though they knew it wasn't true. They left knowing that they never come back, we'll all except Robert. Red had a connection with him that was from the start when they were kids. She watched them leave, looking out the window until there was no dim light, nothing less than snow.  

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