According to Who?

This is a story about a girl who has an extremely hard time in school, but gets help from two friendly girls and an incredibly handsome boy... In the midst of it all, she has to deal with the absence of her mother, who walked out on her father and her a few months prior.


1. Preface

When she opened the door, I had to look away. I knew that the traitorous tears were forming. As soon as I turned, my heart broke. Standing there, tears running down his face, was my dad. He only stared after her in shock. "I'm sorry..." She whispered as she walked out of our lives forever. After the door slammed shut, I closed my eyes and and collapsed. All I saw was darkness...

**There is the Preface Guys. Hope You Like It. The First Chapter Is Next. Thanks For Reading! Love Y'all<3**

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