Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


22. Chapter 22.

Alex's P.O.V

I sat at the dinner table with my family all dressed . Today was the day they were gonna see the Real Zayn . My little brother occupied himself with his toys as my mother was finishing setting the table how I wanted it and my father kept questioning me . " Does this guy like rap music ?" He asked "I don't know dad " I responded . "does he drive a motorcycle ? .. without a helmet ?!" He shouted . "No dad . Listen .. I just want you guys to give him a chance . He's special . " I winked at him . "She's right hun he seems very special to her as well ... Where the hell is your sister . AMBER ANNET BARNS GET DOWN HERE !" My mother shouted .

I just loved the sound of my sister getting in trouble for like the first time in forever . I loved to watch her suffer and all the good luck roll my way . It was music to my ears . Next thing you know her comes poor wittle Amber in her new wardrobe courtesy of my mother . I laughed at her skirt that hit the floor "Shut up Alex !" She yelled "Make me " I gave her a sassy look . "Mom !" She whined . "Okay Alex thats enough .. For now " She giggled . We did a little handshake . I watched amber roll her eyes . She's just jealous . Just then the door bell rings . "Ah that's him . I got it . " I said jumping from my seat . I ran to the door unlocking it and opening it to Zayn wearing an all black suit with his long hair out of his face with a hand full of red roses in his hand .

"You look beautiful tonight " He says to me . "You should be saying that to yourself " I giggled . "Oh I did . A handful of times " He said as we shared a laugh . "These are for you "  He handed me the roses . I smiled smelling them . They smelled like cologne . "So. I think I'm ready .. " He lets out a deep breath like he was holding it in forever . "Right this way " I held out my hands having him take it as we walked into the dining room . My mom gasped as soon as he came in the room .

"Oh you must be Zayn what a pleasure . I'm Andrea . This is her father Lavar and her little brother Ash .I'm sure you know Amber " She introduces everyone . "Yeah ... Nice dress yah got there " He said . I couldn't help but laugh as we sat down in our chairs "Hey don't gang up on me Pretty boy I have a lot on my plate tonight " She folded her arms . " So .. You play .. Football .. Soccer ?" My dad furrowed his eye brows .

"Yes sir . But I'm as well skilled in a bit of boxing, American Football , lacrosse , and I know my way around a game of Basketball. " Zayn responded . I knew my dad loves basketball . Way to go Zaynie . " Basketball really . So how about the playoffs this year " My dad finally smiled . Zayn smiled at me holding onto my hand . "Oh sir Steph Curry did his thing " . This sound of future father and son in law bonding . 


After dinner I helped my mom clean up a little before I met Zayn outside in the backyard . I have a feeling they might like him but you never know with my parents . "thanks for helping me clean up doll " My mom said . "No problem mom .. Where's Zayn ?" I asked "He should be out in the patio with your brother " She responded . Oh my little brother is gonna rub his weirdness on my boyfriend . I made my way to the patio door stopping when I heard Ash and Zayn talking about something . "Zayn do you think lexi is cute ?" He asked .

"Well yeah . Do you think your sister is cute ?" Zayn asked ash . "No because she look like Ambee and Ambee isn't cute at all " Ash said making Zayn laugh and a little chuckle escape my lips . "Aww well that's too bad . I think lexi is very cute " Zayn said with  Shrug in his voice . "My sister thinks your cute too . One time I listened through her door and she sounded happy to talk to you " Ash said . wait . he listened through my door .

"Aw that's sweet" Zayn said with a smile in his voice this time . "Zayn why won't you marry my sister . Like my mommy and daddy " . I began to blush heavily , and I couldn't stop . "Why do you ask ? . What do you know about getting married . Man to man " Zayn asked . "My mommy told me that when 2 people love each other they get married . Don't you love Lexi ?" . "Yeah .. I do . A lot actually " Zayn said a little chuckle after . "Then you should marry her . she loves you too I think " . "I should shouldn't I .. You're right little dude " . 

He doesn't really wanna marry me right ? .  I Mean he's talking to an 8 year old . He couldn't be that serious . "Aww look at you two . Thanks for keeping him occupied Zayn " My mom squealed as she walked onto the patio . "Oh no problem . He's nothing but a good kid " Zayn said . "Well come on sweetie its time for bed " "Mommy . I wanna play with Zayn" Ash whined as my mom brung him inside . "I know I know " She sighed .

Now it was time for me to go out there and I noticed him standing by the balcony . "Well I see my brother really likes your company " I said as I walked towards him . "Oh Yeah . He's just like me when I was little . " He chuckled lightly . I smiled as I listened to him . He was smiling . He was happy . I simply grabbed onto his waist and hugged him letting him hug me back . "I love you so much " I mumbled . His fist loosened and he rested his palm against my skin and rubbed my back gently . "I love you more " He said making me smile . I do realize I can't live without him . I don't wanna be without him ever 

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