Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


16. Chapter 16.

Harry's P.O.V


*Later That Night*

I got the snacks set out and everything ready for my date with Louis . I didn't wanna say I was bringing Louis over to Niall but Niall left the house with Carter anyway . I hate having to keep us a secret but I would also hate to never see him again . and god knows I don't wanna do that . I'm just testing my luck with Louis to keep me and Niall's secret ... well . between me and Niall . See how that works ? .

 Besides . I've always been attracted to Louis and now that I know he's bisexual why should I just leave my crush waiting . Niall was a one time thing so what I thought .. But hopefully this will help me forget about it all . I heard a knock on the door and hearing the door open .

"Master Harold Louis has arrived " I heard Malinda say . " Thank you Malinda" I thanked her for opening the door . I looked up seeing Louis standing there in his tight pants and kinda big sweater and his original style of Keds thats he loved so much . Trust me , I know this guy like the back of my hand . They both have moles anyway .

" Hey Harry . " He greeted . "Hey " I greeted back smiling . He smiled back not saying anything but just looking at me for a while , then he broke the silence " Um . I didn't know what flavor of Jelly tots you liked so I just got a variety and I couldn't seem to remember if you liked pepsi or coke so ..--" " Either one is fine and .. You like jelly tots "I chuckled .

" I know . But I thought you did too .. well more for me " He shrugged making me laugh . " Soo . What are we watching .. " He asked rubbing his hands together . " Um .. anything you want I guess . We really don't have to watch anything if you don't want to " I told him .

" He chuckled looking at me standing there awkwardly . " You don't need to be so nervous like you are right now ..." He said getting closer . "I'm not nervous .. Okay maybe I am . " I felt his hands meet my waist and he began to kiss my neck . " Relax baby .. Hey does your dad still keep the game systems in the loft downstairs " He suddenly asked . " Um .. Yeah why you wanna play " I asked him .

" He nodded pulling FIFA 15 out of his bag " Cool lets play . " I told his . I grabbed his hand hoping he wouldn't pull away . and he didn't . He squeezed my hand once and I turned back towards him to see a smile built on his face . I blushed smiling back . Some night we'll be having . 

Niall's P.O.V


"That movie was Hilarious" Carter said as we walked out of the theater after seeing Lets Be Cops . I told him it would be funny . " Yeah .. Its too bad I kinda hogged all the popcorn . sorry about that " I shrugged looking at the empty popcorn bucket . He chuckled " Its cool I don't eat popcorn like that anyways .. " He smiled .

I smiled back . " Hey wanna go to the park ?" I asked him . He chuckled "Its dark outside . and we have school tomorrow " He reminded me like I didn't already know . " I know .. But lets just go anyways . I don't wanna go home just yet " I told him . He shrugged and nodded

"sure . " . Once we made it to the park we began to walk around . The odd thing is we weren't the only ones in the park . There were people everywhere . Then Carter started to ask me questions

" So ..  what are you gonna do about the game . Louis can't play " He asked . I rolled my eyes not really wanting to hear Louis's name . One of the people I wasn't really fond of at the moment . " Um .. I don't know . Its whatever coach has in mind I guess " I mumbled .

" Niall , I have been thinking .. Honestly I really need to say that .. " He stopped . I stopped looking at him . " Needed to say what ?" asked him . He looked in my eyes . and I looked in his . I actually saw something In Carter I thought I'd never see before . " I needed to say this " He said .

His hands touched my face and he slowly began to kiss me . I was confused at first .. but I suddenly felt myself kissing back his lips were soft and though it was cold his lips were warm . As he released he looked at me .

" Niall will you be my boyfriend .. --" "Yes .. " I told him quickly .  He began to smile and I smiled back picking him up and kissing him some more . He laughed as I spun him around . I don't know what Just happened .

But I think What I felt for Niall has disappeared some how .

Like they weren't even there 


LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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