This is the story about five exceptional people. Halfbloods, if you like.
(This is Percy Jackson Fanfic, not Heroes of Olympus.)

(Key of Writing
Una- RainbowDashicorn;
Leliana- Reena Scarlette;
Blade and Brooklyn - FallenAngel2014;
Brooklyn Ann-Brynna Shadownight)


7. Oracle Of Delphi

'Delphi was the shrine of Apollo and site of the famous Oracle, whose often inscrutable advice was sought down through historical times. It was the Oracle of Delphi who advised King Croesus of Lydia that if he rebelled against the Persians as proposed, a mighty empire would fall. Croesus took this as an endorsement of his plan, and the prediction came true. Unfortunately the empire that fell was his own.'


The huntress passes through the gate, and Chiron stands at ready. With a clomp of his hooves, he speaks. "Yes, huntress... Wait.... Brooklyn Ann SilverEye?" Chiron asks. Before the huntress can answer, the fury catches up. Chiron looks at her. "Speak, kindly one." He tells her. A creepy smile finds it's way to her face. 

"The god have been angered. By those three." She says, outstretching three ugly fingers, a dull tan color, looking almost like a wrinkled sundress, leathery and old.

The Fury leaves, Chiron turning to the three of us. "Brooklyn Ann, Liliana and Una, will you three go see the oracle, now?" I look at Liliana, who straightens, before saluting the centaur. Brooklyn Ann looks a bit squirmish, before nodding her head. I follow the three of them, and they both look to me. I give them a questioning look.

"Well, daughter of Poseidon, you're one of the forbidden children. So why don't you go ahead? Your destiny will probably be a bit different or something." Liliana says, pushing me towards a mummified woman. She's wearing a tie died sundress, as steam and mist start to come from here. 

"Great Oracle of Delphi, what is my destiny?" I ask, not expecting the answer that is given. It's in rhyme verse, but in a voice almost robotic. 

"Travel toward east,
To meet the true beasts,
The ones who have lied,
But also do cry, 
In the end you will prevail,
But one of you will fail,
Preserved away,
There you will stay." The oracle says.

"Umm... guys... what do-" Liliana inturrupts me, Brooklyn Ann still shuffling her feet on the ground.

"Goodbye, Oracle lf Delphi." Liliana says, shuffling us out of the attic

"We went back to the Big House and Chiron said, "What did she say?" 

I tell him the prophecy, but I decide to keep the

"But one of you will fail,
Preserved away,
There you will stay"

Part from him. It kind of freaked me out. Liliana gave me a strange look but she kept her mouth shut.

"We got an anonymous tip while you were gone. It had arrived in the mail.  It says to go to the Topeka Library-"

"Wait, Topeka as in Topeka, Kansas?"

" Yes. It also said that after you leave Topeka you need to go to Kansas City." Chiron continued


"Well, Una, we don't know. But these anonymous tips help. I request that you go."

"OK. "I said, but it felt wrong. I knew then this was not going to be easy.

"Pack tonight, and you leave in the morning. Goodnight."Chiron said, and walked into the distance.

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