This is the story about five exceptional people. Halfbloods, if you like.
(This is Percy Jackson Fanfic, not Heroes of Olympus.)

(Key of Writing
Una- RainbowDashicorn;
Leliana- Reena Scarlette;
Blade and Brooklyn - FallenAngel2014;
Brooklyn Ann-Brynna Shadownight)


1. Una and The Erinyes

'The Erinyes were three netherworld goddesses who avenged crimes against the natural order. They were particularly concerned with homicide, unfilial conduct, crimes against the gods, and perjury. A victim seeking justice could call down the curse of the Erinyes upon the criminal. The most powerful of these was the curse of the parent upon the child--for the Erinyes were born of just such a crime, being sprung from the blood of Ouranos, when he was castrated by his son Kronos.'


I am Una. Una meaning 'White waves.' My mother says my father named me. I think the name suits me, and suits my hobby. My mother says it suits my personality. "Wild like a wave, that's you, child. Wild like a wave. My Una." She says. I listen to her, and to her voice. She's always there for me. Every time I've gotten kicked out of a school, she'd be there, calming me, 'calming the wave.' She says. She's not only my mother. She's my best friend.

"Una?" My mother quietly says, shaking me. I sit up, rubbing my sea-green eyes. My hair is frizzily sticking up everywhere, just as Owen walks into my room, finding mom. He stifles a laugh. Owen is my big brother. Two-years-old-er to be exact. He's always the star student, always gets perfect grades, yet still my mother worries about me most. I still wonder how Owen thinks about that.

"She's up, Ma." He tiredly says, his mouth stretching into a yawn. I look away, not wanting to witness a yawn that would just spread to me like a wildfire. His brown eyes gleam in a smile, as he continues down the hall to the bathroom. Mother smiles at me, before walking back downstairs. I can hear the small clicks of her shoes on the hardwood floor.

"Click....Click...Click...Click..." They go, seemingly luring me to sleep. For good measure, I rub my eyes one more time, before slowly standing up. I don't notice what I put on, thinking back to yesterday's swim. It was wonderful, and I can still hear the sway of the waves, the taste of the sea-salt that caught in my mouth, and the feeling of the brisk, salty air. This isn't my home. The ocean, the sea, those are my real home. Where my heart lives in anticipation for the summer days. Now school fills my schedule, taking away the sea, but still it calls me, still it sends it's lure, like I'm a fish, waiting for someone to come along, so I can bite, so I can escape.

I walk downstairs to Owen and my mother eating cereal. Both their bright brown eyes shine with interest as they deeply continue talking, interacting in a conversation. I decide to hold back on walking in the room. Owen deserves time like this with mother. He never gets any time alone with her. I promptly lean against the wall, messing with my black braid. My mother has urged me to cut it, as the braid itself falls down to my knees. But I resist her asking, but allowing her to make me braid it every day.

I quietly sneeze, and Owen perks up. He stares at mw, before shoving his glasses bacm up his nose. He stares at me like I'm some sort of secret spy. Which, I may be. Not.

"How long have you been waiting there, sea-spray?" He says, using his nickname for me. He gave it to me after I started swimming like I do. I smile, and shrug, not actually sure how long I had been standing. Though I swear I was not eavesdropping.

Mother looks at her watch, gathering her bags. She smiles Owen and I, giving a nod. That means it's time to go. We all walk out the building, and I see something peculiar. And quite horrid. It looks like an old woman, leathery and hunched, but her skin was a tan color, wings sprouting from her back. I tug on mother's sleeve, and she looks at me.

"Yes, Una?" She quietly answers. Owen is already at the car, excitingly waiting, trembling with happiness.

"There's a bat woman. She's... heading toward us, mom." I say, calling her mom for the first time in years. Her face grows white, and she looks to Owen. He stares at her, wondering what could be wrong. Mh mother starts shaking.

"Owen, call Jess, see if his mom can take you today. I have to go somewhere with Una." She orders, before leaving Owen at the steps of our home, directing me toward the car. I get in, shivering. I look closer at the approaching bat woman, and last year's greek lesson fills my mind. 

These are Erinyes. Otherwise known as furies. And one is targeted at me. Though I don't knkw what I did.



So you know, Una is my character in this story!

-Ray Grayglory

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