Hi, My Name is Alex Bemis, and this is my life. I'm 16, Blonde hair blue eyes. My mum died in a car crash back when I was 9. I'm always getting abused from my stepdad since then. I couldn't bare see a happy future so I turned to self-harm, till I met Luke. He helped me get threw my pain. So here is my story...


40. Planning

Alex's POV:

~3 months later~

I'm now 6 months pregnant. I already had my baby shower last week. Me and Luke planned to get married when are baby is 1. We planned that so I could lose the baby weight and get a fit dress. Today my new friend Marissa is coming over. She is also a wedding planner. Me and Luke where waiting for her while watching 'Stuck In Love'. When are doorbell rang Luke got the door while I stopped the movie.

"Hey Marissa" I heard Luke say. I got up and went to the door.

"Hey!" I said as I saw her. I gave her a hug and we let her in. We all sat at the dinning room table. She sat across from me and Luke. She got out a few binders that where packed.

"Ok, first you're gonna pick a theme colour"She said handing us a tablet with a colour app open

"You could chose the colour in the colour circle and move the bar up to brighten that colour and down to darken that colour. Me and Luke finally found it.

"We picked a mango yellow, and a red orange. The 2 colours to match my favourite flower" I said

"Perfect, The flower was gonna be next anyways. What flower is it?" Marissa asked

"The Luxe flower" Luke said

"That is a nice flower. So next is A trip to The Cakes from Paris" Marissa replayed.

"Okay, lets go" Luke said

~at cake shop~

"Ok, first is the design" Marissa said. We looked at the designs and me and Luke picked the design.

"Ok, next is my favorite. Taste" Marissa said cheerfully.

"Is there any cakes without egg or milk? I'm lactose intolerant and I can't have glutton" I said

"Of course" Marissa said. A few guys brought out about 6 different pieces of cake.

"Okay so these all are lactose intolerant and glutton free. The first one is coconut butter scotch" Marissa said. Me and Luke tasted the flavour and it was AMAZING. We tried the rest. Mango Kiwi; Coco bean chocolate; French vanilla,; and White Velvet with a hint of caramel.

We and Luke finally picked the white velvet caramel.

"Okay we're all done for now. I just need you too write down all the guest names and given to me within 4-5 months" Marissa said. We both nodded and all left. She left who knows where, and me and Luke went home

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