Hi, My Name is Alex Bemis, and this is my life. I'm 16, Blonde hair blue eyes. My mum died in a car crash back when I was 9. I'm always getting abused from my stepdad since then. I couldn't bare see a happy future so I turned to self-harm, till I met Luke. He helped me get threw my pain. So here is my story...


24. "Bad To Hold Things In..."

Jenna's POV:

Alex has been gone for quite awhile. I began to worry.

"Have you seen Alex?" I asked Mercedes

"No? Not since she said she was going to the bar" she replied

"I'm gonna go look for her" I said. I then went to the bar to see if she was there. Nope, not there. Where could she be? Ryan and Mercedes came to my side.

"I'll check the bathroom" Ryan said

"And I'll check around the building if she's getting fresh air" Mercedes said.

"I'll call her if there's no luck" I said. We all began to search for her.

~30 mins later~

We all met up outside the building. Now I'm getting scared. I called her a few times but no answer. I began to cry that I lost Alex.

"Hey, maybe she went out for fresh air and her phones died and walked." Ryan said

"Maybe" I said

"Let's just go back home and see if she picks up her phone tomorrow if not we're telling Luke" I said. We all went back to my car then headed home.

The next morning

Alex's POV:

I woke up feeling really dizzy and lightheaded. I then remembered last night. I got drunk thanks to Luke. I turned around there was the bartender Matt from last night. I got up and found the coat next to my pile of clothes. I grabbed my phone out of the pocket to check the time. SHIT! The phones dead. I then grabbed my underwear and began to put them on.

"You're just leaving" I head a guys voice mumble. That voice was Matts.

"No I'm just really insecure with my body in the daylight" I lied

"Oh but your just so fucking hot and you have the biggest ass I've ever seen" he said. Ok god last night he was so much hotter but now not so much. He stood up and put on these nerdy glasses and he had braces. Yeah a lot of nerds pass as hot but just not him.

"Um do you have a charger I could barrow?" I asked

"Yeah it's on the shelf over there" he said

"Thanks" I said and grabbed it and plugged it in to began charging my phone. Once it turned on there was 45 missed calls and 34 unread messages from the girls and... Luke. I didn't want to talk to any of them right now so I just called Vic. It took 3 rings before the answer.

"Vic here who you?" He answered

"Hey Vic it Alex. Umm could you pick me up?" I asked

"Um sure where you at?" He asked

"I don't really know I'll just send you my location on my map" I said

"How do you not know where you're at" he asked

"I'll explain everything once we get to you guys place" I said

"Ok" he replied.

We hung up and I texted him my location. Lucky the guy fell back asleep so I could leave. I got on the rest of my clothes and fixed my hair and makeup. About 5 mins after I was done I got a text.

From: Vic

I'm here, come outside


To: Vic

Ok on my way done


I then snook out of his apt and went downstairs to the door I looked right and left for a sign of Vic. I then heard a car beep and looked over to find Vic standing next to his car. I walked over to him.

"Hey, so where to?" He asked

"Can I stay at your guys place for a night just call Luke and tell him I'm with you and not to worry but can we stop over there so I could get a better outfit for tonight and tomorrow?" I replied

"Ok, why?" He asked

"Why what?" I replied

"Why do you want to stay with us then there?" He replied. I could feel the tears coming from the memory of last night finding the piece of paper. I quickly forced myself not to cry and stay strong, or.. At least.. Right now.

"I'll tell you when we get to your guys place" I replied

"Ok fine" he replied

"Thanks for everything" I said

"No probs" he replied. The rest of the ride was kind of quite though. Which was fine by me.

~At Lads place~

We just got to their place I already went and got my stuff luckily nobody was their. We went in and everybody was in the living room. They all turned to see who was coming in and when they all saw me they all said

"Hey Alex!" They yelled. I replied with a simple hey. On are way here I told Vic if they ask why I'm here just to tell them that thing got heated and wanted to get away from the drama for a little while. Vic then whispered in my ear

"Is it ok if Kellin could join?" He asked. I thought and simply nodded my head. A big smile then grew on his face.

"KELLIN!" He yelled out, Kellin's headshot straight up from his phone and Vic gestured to him to come over here, he of course did so and came over to us.

"What's up?" Kellin asked

"Just come to my room with me and Alex and we'll talk there" Vic said

"O.k." Kellin replied and we went up to I guess Vic's room. Kellin shut the door behind him and they sat down and I sat across from them.

"First you guys have to promise not to tell anybody" I said

"Gay scouts honour" they both said at the same time making me laugh at how adorable that was. I then told them everything. I started to ball my eyes out. The both hugged me.

"You should really tell him about that and how you feel or the pain your in would get worse" Kellin said

"It's really bad to hold things in then letting them out" Vic's said. I simply nodded and agreed.

"I think I'm ready to go back now just like Vic's said its gonna get worse if I hold it in" I said drying my eyes

"Thank you guys so much!" I said and hugged then again.

"I'll drive her back" Kellin said

"Ok" Vic said and kissed Kellin on the cheek and we left on are way back home

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