Imagines and prefrences (One direction)

Comment. your name and any other details you would like. I do all imagines


1. Paps push you ( Harry)

You loved being with Harry but going out became more of a burden than something enjoyable, The paparatzi have been pushing both of your buttons lately. You knew Harry would feel so guilty and upset if you told him you didn't want to be in public with him so you kept it too yourself.

'' Baaabe are you almost done?'' Harry whined lightly tapping on the outside of the bathroom door, you jumped a little at his unexpected pressence. '' Yea just five more minutes.'' you said listening to him groan before his footsteps faded out. The truth was you were ready but you just didn't want to go out yet. The image of being screamed at, and people photographing your every move sent a massive wave of anxiety through you. You sighed placing one last unsesasary layer of lipstick before opening the bathroom door, '' Im ready!'' you called walking towards the front door. Harry smiled looking you up and down '' siiiick, you look hot babe.'' He said twirling you around, you giggled giving him a quick kiss before walking outside.


You had arrived at your destination, Niall's Birthday party at Nobu. You knew since it was Niall's birthday there would be plenty of celebrities...which meant plenty of paps. You covered your face with your small bag as you drove into the parking lot, '' Sorry Baby I know.. Just look down.'' Harry said driving up to the parking lot. You nodded not wanting to make him anymore upset. He honked so loud it actually made your anxiety worse, The car came to a stop and you were dreading the moment you had to get out. Harry got out of the car first and you could hear him screaming at them while trying to get to your side of the car. '' Please just get out of the way.. Your making my misses upset.'' He said before opening the door for you, He grabbed your hand trying to walk as fast as he could. And then things started to get worse, More and More of them showed up and blocked the entrance to the party. Harry pulled out his phone and called security from inside, '' This is not allowed and you fucking know it!.'' Harry yelled  pulling you into his chest.  As security arrived you were about to leave but a pap pulled your dress causing you to fall and scrape your leg, The look on Harry's face when he saw you on the ground frightened everyone that surrounded you. '' Are you fucking mad!?'' Harry yelled at the pap throwing him to the ground. He punched and kicked the man so Hard security Had to pry him off, I was escorted inside seperatly from Harry because apparently he needed to ' cool down' But I know he would never hurt me. '' I'm going to fucking kill him!'' I heard Harry yell as he walked into the room, when he saw me he instantly ran straight towards me, '' I love you baby I'm so so sorry.. Nothing like this will ever happen again.'' He said pulling you into a hug, '' Its okay I love you..'' You said touching his cheek. '' I love you too''

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