Blood thirsty

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Love this I'm making more of the blood thirsty sires


1. blood red

As I sit on the couch I wonder "why am I siting here doing nothing." Although I am afraid of water after the incident. Well I guess I have to start from the beginning. It was a hot afternoon and we were in Lake Madison and brother and I were swimming and brother got caught up in lake weed or as you know it as sea weed ad was pulled under.

Poor James he was so young only 5.

Well now he's in a better place where ever he is. Never touched Lake Madison again. Not even the pool in the back if the mansion. So scared I'm afraid to take a shower. Well back to now. Mom said "your friends are in the pool do you care to join them." Izzy walked in saying "can you come in the pool now?!" "no izzy," I replied. "Well at least come out." "No I'm not going anywhere near that death trap!"

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