The pokemon adventure


1. the adventure starts

I remember i was alone with no family no parents no sister or brother only a grandfather i lived with him for 8 years and now he is dead

Hi my name is Simon my parents are dead so i live alone in a little Island in the mittle of all the regions im going to the professor to get my first pokemon

(Simon) hi professor (professor) hi Simon come inside and have a look (Simon) wow you have a seaking can i have that (professor) no Simon you can Pick one off the starte (Simon) then that onix over there (professor) no Simon please listen you can Pick one off the (Simon) What about that gengar or the golduck or the (professor) SIMON!!!!! Listen to me (Simon) What is it professor (professor) you can Pick one off the starters like everyone else alright (Simon) "sigh" okay professor (professor) then come over here and have a look (Simon) "hhhhhmmm" i want a chikorita no a charmander no a turtwig no i want a "boooom" (professor) What was that Simon wait here i go Chek it out (Lab assistent) Hey professor all the pokemons are gone (professor) What Simon come we are going and Chek it out (lab assistent) the Wall was broken and all the pokemon was gone when i was here (professor) where could they be wait is that a chopper (lab assistent) it sounds like one (Simon) professor What is team moonlight (professor) TEAM MOONLIGHT!!!! (Chopper) you give us the starter pokemons or we Will open fire (professor) simon hurry out now run away (Simon) professor What about you (professor) Simon do you remember the stories about the seas and the boats and the captains (Simon) yeah why (professor) Simon im doing like the captains im going Down with my Lab (Simon) but professor (lab assistent) Simon hurry out now run away (Simon) but What about you and the professor (lab assistent) wel be fine just run away now !!!!!

I remember i ran i ran with teardrops running Down my cheeks i remember the "boooom" from the lab i remember i didnt want to look back i knew they where dead and This i remember clearly i cant forget it i was alone more than before

In a long time i was just Walking and i wasnt eating just Walking i saw a Big forest the biggest forest i ever seen but i didnt Care i stopped up sat on a rock and startet crying in a long time i cried until i heared This Sound

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