Who you really are

Another poem! Keep on staying strong and give up on hurting yourself.


1. Who you really are


Crying eyes,
Bleeding wrists,
Fake smile,
Broken heart.


They showed you hate,
They gave you scars,
They made you change,
They tore you apart.


Why do you keep asking and blaming yourself
When you have to show them who you really are?
Why do you keep hurting yourself
When they are the only guilty ones?


Give up on weeping,
Give up on cutting,
Give up on pretending.


Lift your head up in pride,
Let happiness sparkle in your eyes.
But remember all the scars;
They are the proof of your strength.


They pulled you down but now it has changed.
You stood up and showed them
Who you really are.
Slowly, pieces are being fixed.
Your new world is real.


Sparkling eyes,
Indelible marks,
Sincere smile,
Tattooed heart.

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