A rich boy named Henry, had an accident thirteen years ago, his memory was then wiped clean so he has no memory of his family, when he found an old photograph, Henry is then set on a mission to find his family.


1. The Great Finding

I was having a really nice sleep, until...

            I can see blurry figures, shadows, all looks like random sillhoutes at the moment. “Terry, take those headphones off for a quick moment and listen.” I’m not sure whether the boy’s deaf or not, because she was doing this sign language. could you be a dear and switch seats with your sister?” I heard a woman say. “I need to grab my book for a second, and I don’t want anything bad happen to her, please. Oh, and honey, could you put my bag up there?” She continued. “It’s this one right?” I then heard a man with a deep voice “Alright, there you go. Be right back, I just want to relieve myself.” “Alright, why hello there... Look who’s up earlier...” “What? No! Allie! TERRY!” “Honey! Get the kids, there’s a fire in the control room, engine’s shutting down, hurry!” “AAAAARRGHHH!!!” An explosion was then felt more than it was heard and a flash of bright light crossed my eyes.

            “Save yourselves!!!” I joist up and fell from my bed, luckily, Brutus, my dog, was there to comfort the fall, a little, still then, terrible way to wake up, if I might say. “Sir? Breakfast is ready, you should come eat with your parents soon, and they’re leaving in twenty minutes.” That was Mary on the door, one of my maids and before that, was a terrible way to wake up. Gosh it’s that terrible nightmare again, I was on a plane, with a charming looking lady, a cute little girl, an athletic older boy and a suave looking man, and they were all wearing red, white and black. That was just about the fifth time I had that dream. I rose from my bed and walked down the hall, still quite sleepy though. My parents keep telling me that nightmares like those won’t harm me and that I shouldn’t be scared. Now though, I’m not so sure.

            “It was that dream again, Mr. B.” I began. “I was in an airplane with a lady; she has shiny black hair cut to her elbows, brown eyes and a very welcoming voice. A man with messy blond hair, blue eyes. A young girl and an older boy, she has long beautiful curly red hair tied up both sides, blue eyes and the boy was pretty tall, has shaggy brown hair with green eyes.” I continued. “They all looked so nice, they almost looked like a family, you know, the boy and the mother with dark colored hair, and the father and daughter with blond hair.”

            “They looked so happy until, an explosion took place and fire come running from the back of the plane. I didn’t see their faces when it happened; I was looking at the fire.” I told my trust-worthy psychiatrist everything that happened in that dream, he’s clever, and he’s wise. “Woof!” “Yeah, I know right? And there was this other man, I didn’t get to remember his face perfectly, but I can see that he was burned in the fire.” Now, I know what you’re thinking, but Brutus here is my psychiatrist, you see, I have trouble placing any of my trust to anyone. 

           I went to my grandma’s bedroom to greet her good morning, she’s always up early, earlier than anyone else in the house, she’s an old lady who apparently enjoys stargazing at 4am. “Grammy, may I enter?” I asked as I knocked the door softly. “Talbot! Good morning, my dear!” My grandma seemed to always looks so happy whenever she meets me, considering the fact that she calls me by my grandpa’s name, she’s a pretty fun old woman. I don’t mind being called by the name of someone who died years before I was even borned though. “Hi Grammy, how were the stars?” I asked to begin a conversation. “Oh they were just magnificent, stunning! I woke up at 3am this morning, and the stars weren't disappointing at all.” I can tell that she was looking very happy and satisfied. “But Grammy, doctor told you to sleep longer, remember?” The problem with her sleeping schedules is that she would wake up super early in the morning to stargaze for two hours and then goes back to sleep, but doctor said it’s not good for her.

          “Oh right, this shall be the last time, I promise, now come, I have something I want to tell you.” “But I need to go downstairs before my parents leave.” “Oh, alright, then, just remember these exact words of mine.” She looked really serious so I perked up my ears, listening closely and try to record every single word of my gramma’s words in my head. “Something big is coming, Talbot.” She begins. “But remember these exact words, when it comes to money, you might only begin with two Euros.” Thinking there might be lots ofthem, I wrote them down on a piece of paper. “But who knows, maybe tomorrow you’ll be idolized.” She continued. “In the end however, only two can finally bring an end to the mighty cobra.” I was stunned, my eyes just keep on staring at my gramma, I can feel that my eyes have began to water, for she have just given me a riddle, and when my gramma gives me riddles, she knows that something big is going to happen.

* * * * *

            As I left my gramma’s bedroom, I begin to read my notes from what I heard gramma said earlier and try to decode what she was trying to tell me, I know that this is a riddle of course. Every morning I visit my gramma in her bedroom to talk to her about various things, since I was adopted and have sadly lost my memory in an accident, I’ve never knew her name, she never told me and I never asked. She calls me by “Talbot”, not my name, and I call her by “Muriel”, which I am quite certain, not her name. We do love random stuff about anything that has at least a little touch of mystery, riddles and puzzles, so it doesn’t surprise me that gramma’s talking to me in some sort of a code, more like a riddle, I guess.

            The minute I smell food, I ran downstairs and to my dining table, already forgetting about what happened in my gramma’s bedroom, at least, trying to. “Oh, sit down now, and please, don’t run, you make such a noise, you don’t want to be late for school now don’t you?” That’s mother. “Yes, do please sit down young man.” And that was my dad. Mr. And Mrs. Pearson, they’re my foster parents, my parents died when I was a year old, but luckily, my foster parents are what I might consider, rich. “It’s Saturday, mom, school doesn’t start till Monday, dad.” I answered as I pulled the chair. I’m used to their behavior; they’re always so busy that they don’t even remember any of my school stuff. “Well then, your mom and I are already late for our appointment, be good.” Dad said leaving the room without another word, I don’t understand why dad is in such a hurry, I mean like, mom was still sipping her orange juice when dad pulled her to the car, alone again.

            After I finished a brief little snacking, I went up to my room again to take a shower and opened my laptop, logged in to my account and video-talked with Debbie, Spencer and Jessie. We have this science project and are due by Monday so we talked for roughly 2 hours or so. After a few laughs and cheers, I then logged off the internet to put out some finishing touches on the essay. “Breakfast alone again, sir?” Mary said as she vacuumed my carpet and made my bed. “Mary, this is your last duty for the whole day right? Can you just accompany me for awhile? Just for a while? I’m almost done with this essay and I need someone to read some books with me.” I begged to her, since after all, she’s the one maid I have that I’m really close with, she’s really nice to me. “Oh, and Brutus’s food bowl is empty.”

            “My pleasure.” She said with a smile, see? Nice. I then decided to read some books, so I locked myself in my room (Mary also joined me in my room, I like her company), turned some songs on my phone and open up some of grandma’s old mystery novels. So there, that’s basically every day of my life, my parents won’t let me go anywhere outside the house, I could probably go to my backyard every now and then, but usually it’s just like this, I’m quite lonely, yes.

            “What? So He killed her?” Mary asked me at the end of the book. “What? He did?” I asked her and she nodded, still look rather surprised. “Bah, how predictable. Boring, what’s next?” Closing the book and threw it to my couch. I think Mary saw Brutus sniffing the corner of my bedroom because just as Brutus was sniffing, she took a large book from him. “Ooh, how about this one, sir?” Showing me the book, she pointed out the title and read it aloud, “Hatchet.” “What? Hatchet?” Surprised, I took the book from her and examine the covers. “Never heard of this one before.” The book was old, it was thick, apparently hard-covered, a little bit magenta-brown colored, it has some leathery texture, the title was written in Black ink, with a bohemian style of font and it looked more like a diary than a novel, but then again, what kind of diary has a title on the cover?

            Only reaching chapter two, I’ve already deduced that the story is... Boring, cliché, ordinary... “Predictable. Next.” I said closing the book, I was about to throw it to my couch when Mary caught the book from my hands. “Sir, be careful with books this old, perhaps we should carry on to the next chapter, yes?” I just blinked for a while, staring at her a bit confused. “Maybe, something interesting, something shocking, lies in this book, a little twist.” Apparently, she was interested so I then nod and we carried on reading. We flipped the page in chapter six, at the exact time where the detective was about to tell the judge who was the murderer, we found out that Mary was right. We were shocked, indeed, there was a surprise hidden in this book. There was a large square whole, apparently cut, in the middle of the page and in there, lays an envelope.

            The room was then completely silent for a minute. “Sir?” Mary asked not looking away from the envelope. The envelope was placed in the hole, it has the same color as the pages of the book, it fits perfectly, taped on the sides with the writing “Hatchet” written repeatedly on the envelope. I took it out and examined it, then the book; three pages were cut in order to put this envelope. I let Brutus sniff out the envelope for second, just in case if it’s poisoned or something. One thing for sure, this paper was perfectly hid in this book. “Now why on earth would anyone use an envelope as a bookmark? That’s just, absurd, what a waste of good envelope.” Mary wondered as she too, examined the envelope.

            “It’s an old dusty book with contents as interesting as watching snails race one another for 24 hours. It might not be that fun to read, but it is a great place to hide any secrecy. Whatever is in this envelope must be crucial, this envelope is not a bookmark, it’s intentionally hidden in this book, quite perfectly, I might say.” “Pardon?” Mary asked, looked a little stunned. “Look, the thickness of the envelope is just right so it doesn’t look like it has anything hidden in the book, on the other way round, the book has precise number of pages enough to fit this without leaving any of those bumps between pages, envelope is taped to the pages to secure it, and see how the color of the envelope is just like the pages? The person who did this scribble down the word “Hatchet” so that a quick-scan of this book wouldn’t detect the envelope.” I told her pointing to all the details. “Genius.” Mary whispered in awe. “So what lies inside this envelope might just be a key code, or blueprint to a NASA rocket plans or anything!” I said louder, I guess Brutus too was excited, since I heard him bark.

            Mary was then about to leave the room, already trying to stand up when I grabbed her by the arm ant basically threatened her, “Don’t you tell anyone about this just yet, no wait, never tells anyone about this, we must remain silent and incognito, now I trust you, so don’t let me down?” I told her, she nodded anxiously, and I think it was because I was holding her arm so tight (okay, so maybe that was not a threat, but I was speaking in a threatening tone), but I do trust her and I was ready to rip it open. After a brief second, you know, to brace ourselves, I opened the envelope. I then pulled out the possibly crucial piece of paper and unfold it.

            “What’s this?” I asked holding out the paper, it’s got one of those bohemian writings again so I asked Mary to read it to me, yeah, that’s right, the teacher’s pet have trouble reading bohemian writings. “It’s a deed to this entire lot, sir.  And listen ‘all our wealth is to be given to our beloved, Henry, Alexandra and Tristam.’ You hear me sir? Henry that’s your name, yes?” Mary said, she was really excited, I can tell, but really? This whole mansion belongs to me? So does that mean I also hold the family fortune? “Now, Mary, please, doesn’t speak of this to anyone. We don’t know yet, for all we know, this might just be a trick, a fake.” I told her, even though I’m more than just excited about this finding; Mary looked a little disappointed when I told her that it might just be a hoax, a totally unfunny joke so I asked, “Yeah, right, its not like anyone would actually believe an orphaned thirteen year-old and a maid.” No wait, never mind, not the right words to say.

            “Ah, believe me sir; this envelope holds more than just a deed.” She said patting my back, I guess she didn’t find those words offensive. “I mean really, there’s another piece of paper here, see?” Mary showed me, but I can only see the back of the paper, so she gets to see what it is. “It’s a photograph, sir.” “Of what?” I asked and she handed over the picture, “Gah, it’s about time I get some excitement around here, getting rather bored.” I took the picture and I can see that it looks pretty old, but are stored perfectly well. It looks like something was spilled near the sides of the picture long ago.

            The picture, there’s something familiar with the family in this photograph, a little sense of déjà vu. “Hey, I think I’ve seen these people before.” A flashback then hit me, literally, because it just sort of flashes, but the flashes of pictures inside my head are killing me, voices nside my head; they’re screaming at me now, “What? No! Angie, TERRY!” Before I realized it, I was crying, and then I heard Brutus whimpering behind me, and Mary whispering, “Sir?” I can tell she was terrified.

            Quickly, I covered my face and located myself to an empty space in my room, and I told Mary nicely, softly, “Get out.” “Sorry, what?” “Get out. Get out and don’t speak a word of this to anyone.” In a second, she left, closing the door leaving me with Brutus, he too looked confused, just as confused as Mary was. Wasn’t their fault though, but I’m a lot more confused than they both are, I’m terrified and for a good reason. For one thing, I indeed have seen those people in the picture. They were those people in my nightmares, they weren’t nightmares and those aren’t actually nightmares. It was my memory, my only memory left from the incident.

They were my long lost family.

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