officially in a love triangle

A girl name Emma gets adopted by one direction two of the boys are in love with her and Emma doesn't know anything about the crushes but she will date one of them Emma is just an extraordinary teenage girl , but there is alot of drama coming her way and lots hearts broken and death....


4. fight

When you walked downstairs you saw Niall and Louis looking mad at each other you saw them pulled away from each other you didn't know what was going on. 

Louis pov : once Emma went to go to bed I grabbed Niall and hit him against the wall . What the hell Louis . said Liam I saw Liam go up to Niall and check if he was hurt.

Niall pov: I punch Louis in the nose and Zayn  pushed me away from Louis ,and Louis was pushed away from Harry then Liam told us to stop fighting. 

Emma pov: I got really scared I ran up to my room  wondering what was going on down there when I heard footsteps coming upstairs someone open my door it was Liam . Hey Li .said Emma hey Emma um pack your stuff I'm going to let you live me .said Liam why ?asked Emma  Louis just might need to relax for a while.said Liam oh okay .said Emma I was so worried about the boys hating me. When Liam took me inside his flat I got so scared that he hated me . Liam showed me to my room it was beautiful . Omg .said Emma Liam went to his room it was 8:25pm I was so tired I quickly changed into my bat girl pajamas and went to bed.

                       Your room and pajamas.......




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