Crazy Loving Loser

Noelle Hansen and her best friend Harry Styles has a very deep relationship, they do everything together but when betrayal comes to one of them, will it affect it their relationship?

1. Happily

Harry's POV

I looked into Noelle's grey eyes, next Friday was our anniversary and I still haven't gotten her anything.

"Hey um I gotta go now I'll text you later." She waved and skipped away happily (<-- teeheeheee). I turned around and saw Niall and Louis talking to each other.

"Hi." I said and waved. They turned around.

"Well what are you getting Noelle?" Louis wondered. I smiled, then frowned.

"I got nothing."

"What are you waiting for? It's next Friday!"

"Louis." I said."It's Monday." He raised his eyebrows.

"And?" He asked.

"Mind your own business, maybe he's giving her an anniversary baby." Niall said. I laughed, then frowned and shook my head. Louis on the other hand started bursting out laughing flames."Anyways, Brana dumped me." Niall didn't look sad, he just shrugged at the sentence.

"It should be the other way around with a girl named Brana." Louis laughed, I gave a short chuckle since I didn't want Niall to feel bad.

​"So who are you falling for now?" Louis questioned.

"Elise." He turned sideways, Elise had all sorts of colours in her hair, I would have mistaken her for a double rainbow. She was rude and bitchy but Niall didn't know that- yet. He barely has classes with her, she's just school famous.. 'cause you know, she's a rainbow.

"Yeah good luck with the unicorn, love." Louis patted Niall on the back and walked away. 

The Next day...

I walked to school, I was gonna wait for Noelle but she said not to bother which is strange. In first period I didn't see her anywhere so I dozed off and next thing you know.. It was lunch. I searched for her and I saw a short girl with her hair straightened and tied up.. it seems like her but she never has straight hair... I patted on the girl's back.

"Noelle?" I was shocked. She grinned with guilt and depression, she had braces, they were blue. And she had those geeky glasses.

"Ugh this is so embarrassing!" She screamed.

"Why and I thought you had a 20/20."

"Oh I do, I just, you know, wanted to be in styaaallll." She pushed her hand from her eyelashes to her thighs."Is it bad?"

"Nope." I smiled. Then she smiled back and gave me a hug."You were afraid of nothing!"

"Maybe I was."


hiiii. so i know messages are annoying but I decided to have a contest for Louis' girlfriend.. and yes, early contest. :))


Comment: Name. Look (hair colour, style as in casual, tomboy, girly, etc). Eye colour. If you want i don't really care British/Irish/American/Etc. & Personality.



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