"Borrowed" by 1D?!?

I was now running as far as my legs could take me. I then ran into another guy with the same outfit on. Next thing I know is I'm blindfolded, tied up and shoved in a van.. Well I think it's a van.


4. Welcome home?

" Love, could you open your eyes please?" I started to open my eyes and when I did you would never believe who was sitting in front of me...

Louis Tomlinson.


OMG! Louis Tomlinson is right in front of me!!! I'm breathing the same air as the Sass Master. Sam what are you doing?! You're not a fan, so why are you freaking out! I was right well my conscious was. Why am I freaking out? Maybe I do like one direction more than I thought....

I was going to keep battling my conscious when someone interrupted. "Love are you okay? Can you hear me? I snapped out of my thoughts and answered. "Um-mm ye-s-s I'm o-okay." I said trying my best not to stutter. I kinda stutter when I'm nervous just to let y'all know. " Good, well my name is Louis.. But you probably already knew that." He chuckled. "Are you hungry.... I'm sorry love but I didn't get your name." Oh no he wants my name.. Should I tell him or just give him a fake name. "My name is Samantha but you can call me Sam." Really conscious I had a perfect fake name too.

"That's a beautiful name." Louis said with a smile. "Thank you." I know I'm super awkward. What can I say it's a gift. "So do you want some food." I was gonna say no but then my stomach growled so loud I bet you could hear it from Egypt. He laughed and said, " I take that as a yes, c'mon love." He went to grab my hand but I flinched. His smile instantly turned in a frown. "I won't hurt you, no one will hurt you. I promise." I took his hand and he guided me to the kitchen. It was HUGE probably bigger than my mom's room and my room combined. "You like the kitchen, huh? He asked when he saw my face in awe. "Yes, it's beautiful soo where's the food?" I asked quickly."Right here." He handed me a bowl of the lucky charms cereal with chunks of chocolate in it. "This is exactly what I do! I always put chocolate in my cereal."

"I heard someone say fooood!"said an Irish accent. He ran into the kitchen jumped on Louis and said, "Mate where's my food?" And while he said that he put on puppy dog eyes. He was so adorable! I should just admit it I love One direction. They're practically my idols. I have a little thing for Nialler ;). "Don't worry Ni I have some cereal right here with your name on it." He got off Louis ran toward the cereal and attacked it. Niall started to eat his cereal but he saw me. "Oh where are my manners, I'm Niall." He said with a smile. "I'm Sam it's short for Samantha." I said with a small smile. "Well Sam welcome home I hope you enjoy yourself." Wait wait hold the phone did he just say "Welcome home"?! I don't live here! I totally forgot that I was kidnapped I know how can you forget that. Wait isn't there supposed to be 5 boys I only see 2 of them... Without thinking I just asked them where the boys are at. "Umm isn't there 5 of y'all? Where are the other boys?" "They are at the store they'll be back later.", said Niall.

"Who wants to watch a movie?!" Yelled louis even though we were right there in the same room as him. "I'm good for a movie what about you Sam?"asked Niall. "Um sure." Louis put in Titanic I absolutely love this movie. I was watching the movie closely when two questions just decided to pop up in my head.

Why did they kidnap me in the first place and why did Niall say welcome home? I'm so lost.. Like always.

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