Summer love❤️

This summer love is about a girl named Mireya who has to move to California for the summer and might find her Prince Charming.


1. How it all begins

This summer I am moving to California with my uncle Ben and his daughter Abby . I am really excited because Abby is like my best friend, but I don't want to move to Cali at the same time because then I won't be able to be with my friends and spend the summer with them. So I am on the airplane on my way to Cali and I am jamming out to one direction midnight memories. I fall asleep to it, and wake up to my someone kicking my seat! Ohmygosh I think to my self. But thankfully I get off of the plane now and I see my uncle Ben and Abby. Me and Abby both run to eachother and hug. We have not seen eachother in two years, but we text and FaceTime all the time but still. We are on our way to Abby's house. We get there and she asks me " do you wanna go to a bonfire tonight it will be lots if fun i promise" so we go. And when we get there we both see Niall Horan we can't believe it but there are so many girls crowding him but of course Abby runs to him and I lose her in the crowd so I make my way out of that crowd and later that evening we are still at the beach and he comes up to me and says "I saw you in that crowd and I was hoping that you would stay" he says. I say "well I'm really closterfobic" and he smiles at me. "I didn't get your name" "Mireya" I say "well nice to meet you Mireya my name is Niall" I smile at him we both make eye contact I got lost in his ocean blue eyes. As we were about to kiss Abby comes running to me "Mireya Mireya" but she noticed we were about to kiss so she says "I'll just leave you too alone" Niall chuckles. Zayn comes running to is but he does not know who Niall I with it is kinda hard to tell because it is dark out. But Zayn still comes to is and he says "Niall who is your friend" "Mireya" he says Zayn can not pronounce my name so Niall says (me-Ray- ah-). He finally gets it. Niall and I introduce Zayn and Abby to each other and they begin to start to talk. Finally Niall says "we are alone" under his breath I kinda laugh and so does he. We got to get to know each other a lot last night.

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