Thestrals Are My Very Best Friends

I'm Myra. I'm not the luckiest witch alive. I'm always teased by Slytherins, and even a few Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws join in. I'm a muggle born, allowing them to call me 'mudblood.' Oh, and the last thing? Thestrals are my very best friends.
(Cover by K. E. Kamiko)


5. Trouble

I sneak out to see the thestrals, again. This time I wake up early enough, so no one would have the energy or ambition to follow the teased girl, the one who never talks, or has any friends. I'm hardly worth their time, period.

I catch glimpse of one of them, holding out my hand. Clara, the first one I met, comes over, nuzzling my outstretched hand again. This time I allow my hand to run down her back, staring in awe as she unfolds her wings. She lowers, as if coaxing me onto her back. Reluctantly, I position myself on top. She starts at a trot, before taking off. I can hear my heart beating, the pace quickening as we rise through the air. I know that I should not be up here. I shouldn't even be near the thestrals. But I had to go, and Clara seemed so happy...

As we rise, I start getting dizzier and dizzier, my head starting to spin. The air gets thinner, and I can feel my heart pumping faster then it ever has before. I realize that I start to fall, tipping over. I can hear Clara cry out with a struggled whinny, before my eyes close shut, and all I see is darkness. Unconscious darkness.


My eyes open, and I notice I am laying on Clara's back. Scorpius stands next to her, the other thestrals gathering around. He stares in awe.

"Y-You're floating," he manages, and I faintly smile, though it brings me pain. The fall hurt me, I know that for sure. I can only imagine what type of damage could have been done if Clara wasn't there.

"No I'm not," I croak, taking note of how strained and pained my voice sounds. "Clara is here with me. How do you think I could still be alive?" I ask, struggling to keep my voice, and to resist the aching pain every small movement gives me.

"We need to get you to Madam Pomphrey. You hurt yourself. Bad. You keep wincing, and before you woke up, you had struggle breathing. You don't look well, either." He tells, me, and I can only wonder what type of bruises or sickness has crossed my face.

I allow him to try and escort me to Madam Pomphrey's office. When she sees me, her eyes go wide. "What happened?" She squeaks, as I collapse on the bed. I slowly crawl fully on, as Pomphrey walks around me. Scorpius nods his head after she tells him something, and he walks out of the room. He's probably off to class. Which, at this time, should be potions. At least I won't have to deal with the Slytherin's horrible teasing for once.

I allow my eyes to close, feeling better already. Pomphrey said I'll be able to make it to dinner, but then I need more rest. Tomorrow I get to start lessons again. Yay from me.

As I walk down the hall, I hear Scorpius saying my name. I turn around, fuming. "Can't you leave me alone? You never have an idea of what's going on with me, yet you try to do something! And it doesn't help! So just leave me alone! Please!" I yell, storminh off, tears already flowing. As I walk away, I mutter, "I'm sorry, Luna. So sorry."

I run to my room, Rose looking up from her book. She waves, but I close the canopy curtains, silently crying.

How could I be so stupid? I should follow rules.

"I'm just so sorry, Aunt Luna..."

Rose pulls back the curtains, looking worried. I stare back at her, tears still running down my cheeks. 

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