Thestrals Are My Very Best Friends

I'm Myra. I'm not the luckiest witch alive. I'm always teased by Slytherins, and even a few Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws join in. I'm a muggle born, allowing them to call me 'mudblood.' Oh, and the last thing? Thestrals are my very best friends.
(Cover by K. E. Kamiko)


3. Sorting

Shrinking. That's what I want to do. So I can escape this horrible pressure. My name has just been called on the list. Neville- I mean, Professor Longbottom smiled encouragingly at me. Wobbling, I steadily walked to the wooden stool. The hat is placed over my head, engulfing it whole.

"Hmmm... ah. Yes. You girl, will be specail. But what house. This is very difficult indeed..." a voice whispers inside my head. Not to influence his desicion, I start running my song through my head agian.

"Slytherin Pride,

Where great wizards reside. 

Gryffindor roar..." The sorting hat was somehow singing along to my song, without ever hearing it once. It stopped, thinking, suddenly.

"Not a very friendly girl, are you? You wouldn't do very well in Hufflepuff, I can tell you that. You have great potential, but I don't think you belong in Slytherin. You are smart just like... oh. Bad memory? I won't bring her up. But, you are brave. A scared girl, but still very brave. So it's tied betwewn Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. A very hard choice. Hmm... let's say... GRYFFINDOR!" The hat yells. Shakily my feet shuffle to the clapping Gryffindors, which include Albus. I sit as far away from him as possible.

"Malfoy, Scorpius!" Professor Longbottom says, a bit awkwardly. Scorpius was the boy from the train, the one who sat in the boat we rowed. The minute the hat touches his head it calls out,

"GRYFFINDOR!" There's and awkward silence, having a Malfoy in Gryffindor. Bravely, I slowly start clappibg my hands, before quickening speed. He faintly smiles at me, as all the other Gryffindors wierdly applause. His feet lead him to sit next to me. 

Scorpius was the last first year. The Headmaster was a new person, one I have never met. I think his name is Seamus Finnigan. He was a year older than Luna, I know that.

"Hello, First years, and second and third, and... well, So on! The Forbidden Forest is off limitsm so keep that in mind! I will hope you all have a great year!" Says the headmaster, before sitting down. Food appears before us, but I'm not in the mood to eat. My plate stays empty, as everyone else piles thiers with mountains of tastes.

"Aunt Luna?" I asked, as she picked me up. Her smile was bright as ever. 

"Yes, child?" She asked, her voice almost a whisper. I smiled at her, before deciding to answer.

"Well, what if I don't become a witch? I know things, wizarding things, that muggles like I shouldn't know. Mummy and Daddy don't even know you're teaching me about wizarding stuff!" I exclaimed, worrying over the slightest thing. She set me down, thinking, before her face lit up.

"Little Myra, I can see the magic. You are going to be a witch. I can already tell. The way you always know what to do, the way you're already calling people muggles, you will be a great witch. The greatedt witch of all time. So, where were we, child?" She asked, opening Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

People around me are chattering, Scorpius quietly staying to himself. I can tell he's about to say sonething, yet I turn around, before he can speak. He might just make everythinv worse, like Rose and Albus did.

Soon, the prefects are ushering bus to our houses. I tremble. I remember what people at my muggle school used to say. About how I'm just a 'scared little girl.' I had even heard my teachers calling me that. Because it's true. I'm just a scared little girl, scared of the world, how life isn't fair. We file into the Gryffindor Common Room, and are showed our dorms. I flop onto my bed, tears dripping every now and then. I dim the light, picking up my book on thestrals. The one Luna gave me on my birthday. The pictures are clear now, showing off the majestic beasts. I remember my first encounter with one, hours ago. I can see the winds beating, as I slowly drift off to sleep.

I am a thestral, again, as I sleep. I fly, I soar, and I escape my prison of sorrow, again. I see Luna. She is a thestral, too. And mother. We are three thestrals, flying, soaring. We have escaped life, we have escaped death, we have escaped sorrow. For thestrals are great creautures. Thestrals are amazing creatures.

I am one at heart.

I will fly.

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