Thestrals Are My Very Best Friends

I'm Myra. I'm not the luckiest witch alive. I'm always teased by Slytherins, and even a few Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws join in. I'm a muggle born, allowing them to call me 'mudblood.' Oh, and the last thing? Thestrals are my very best friends.
(Cover by K. E. Kamiko)


1. Letter

My aunt was a witch. Mum was always jealous. But she was still always best friends with her. I knew I wanted to be a witch. It would be amazing to be one. But I don't have the power, or the integrity. But the letter was true. The letter telling me I'm a witch. And that I could escape my muggle school. I wasn't a muggle anymore. I was Myra James. I was a witch.

Feet walk the playground, dragging through dirt and gravel. This was where I took my first steps. This was where my mum first brought me to my aunt.

I sit on the one lonely swing, my feet dusting the hard ground. Long blonde hair dangles at my feet, tickling the ground. Blue eyes look up, at the matching sky, cloudless, yet sad.

Hands grip the metal chains. My hands. This would be my last day here for quite awhile. I don't know what's in store for me. Maybe something great, something acceptable, like the great Harry Potter. I've read about him. My aunt went to school with him, actually. Well, at least I call her my aunt. She used to be my mother's best friend, hiding her true blood. My 'aunt' was Luna Lovegood. I wish I could have only saved them. Maybe they would still be here, with me. They would see me off to Hogwarts. And my dad? My dad would still be happy.

Realizing I'm about a block away from my house, I extinguish my thoughts. Dad won't be wondering where I am. He cares, but he's just been in absolute shock scince the incident. I don't blame him. If I didn't have to take care of him, or myself, I would have been just like him. But I do have to take care of myself. I have to.

Shiverkng and shaking, my feet stop at the doorknob. I don't think I want to go to hogwarts anymore. If I do, what would happen? I know Voldemort has been gone for years. But what if something worse happens. Something like what happened to aunt Luna and mum. I stare at my pale hand, trembling ever so slightly. I look back to the day.

"Myra..." I heard my mum's soft voice say. I looked to her and aunt Luna. They both smile, wandering off. That's when I heard the bloodcurdling scream. It was my mum's voice. I ran in thier direction, seeing my mum's bloodied body on the ground. That's when I saw Aunt Luna get taken up in the lock tight jaws of the great beast, a brown bear, before dropped to the ground. All I did was stand there. Watching her die, when I could have done something.

Reluctantly, I walk into the house, up the stairs to my plain old room. Books are scattered everywhere, papers filled with stories stacked to the ceiling. Or that's what it seems like. And those stories aren't just any stories. Those are about nargles. Yes, nargles. Aunt Luna had told me stories about them. Great ones, and I decided to make my own. Ones about how aunt Luna had seen some, and of her raddish earings. Though she's told me they aren't real, and that she used to think they were real, I still love learning about them. And any wizarding animals.

I pick a book of the shelf. Fantastic beasts and where to find them. Aunt Luna had given me her old copy. I love just finding random monsters to read about. My favorite are thestrals. Creatures who you may only witness if you've experienced someone's dying. I would see thestrals. Aunt Luna used to tell me they were beautiful creatures, marvolous creatures. 

Transported to thestrals, I watch my surroundings. I am a thestral. My heart pumps faster as I take flight, fibally free from my misery. Like breaking through chains. I'm not the scared little girl I once was. I was great creation, brave, coragous enough to spread my wings and soar through the sky.

Shutting the book, I decide to go to bed early. Hogwarts will be great. I just know it. It has to be. Then, wherever mum and Luna lay, dead or as ghosts, I can make them proud. Once and for all.




So, my Rays of sunshine (that's what I'm calling you guys, my fans. Haha! Get it RAYs? Raven711 pointed it out to me.) Anyway, I decided to write a saddish Harry Potter Fanfiction. This is just the first of a whole journey through Myra's Hogwarts years.

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