rainy days and warm kisses

It's a rainy day and Harry and Louis are inside just being lovers.


1. 1.

Inside this place is warm,

Outside it starts to pour.

They lay for a while, arms wrapped around each other, a thick woven blanket covering their entwined bodies and keeping them warm.

Everything was silent apart from the pattering of the rain on the windows, the crackling of the dying fire and their slow, even breaths.

‘I really like the rain.’ Harry whispered, snuggling his head into Louis’ chest even more, if it was possible. ‘It’s so peaceful.’

‘Good for thinking.’ Louis added, running his fingers through his hair. He always liked Harry’s curls.

 They stopped talking and continued to listen to the rain and watching the droplets race down the window.

After what felt like moments but was probably minutes had passed Harry looked up at Louis, his face glowing from the dying light of the fire.

'What are you thinking about?' He asked.

Louis let out a relaxed sigh, not the sad kind, but a long contented sigh. He smiled down at Harry. He really liked how the low orange light hit Harry's features, contouring his face and making him look like some kind of beautiful god. 

'Lots of things. You. Life. Everything really.'

He looked over at the clock ticking silently in the corner of the room.


5pm is a nice time, Louis thought, late enough to reflect on the day past but not too late to do things.

Yes, he liked 5pm.

‘I love you, you know that right?’ You could tell without looking that he was smiling. You could hear the happiness in his voice, a welcomed brightness to a rainy day coming to a simple end.

Louis bent down his head to kiss Harry softly on his plump and slightly chapped lips.

‘Yeah. And I love you too.’ Now it was his turn to smile as he got up, trying to disturb Harry as little as possible, to rekindle the fire.

Golden sparks exploded in the fireplace as he dropped a couple of logs into it, settling soon after on the glowing hot wood.

Harry had always wanted a fireplace. A proper one, not just a gas one. At first Louis had protested, Harry and fire could never be a good mix and he didn’t want the love of his life ending up with his eyebrows singed off. It was growing on him though; it gave the little cottage a sense of homeliness.

‘Louuuuuu,’ Harry whined from over on the sofa, ‘come baaackkk.’

Louis chuckled a little before following orders and lying down on the sofa again with pressed up against him.

‘You are such an idiot.’ He muttered fondly, gaining him a little slap.


‘You’re my idiot.’ He bent his head again as he did before and plant a little kiss on Harry’s rough lips as they lay wrapped up warm with the rain pouring outside.

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