Cameron Dallas

Hey guys I'm making a Cameron Dallas one cause no one seems to bee making any. So if you don't now who Cameron Dallas is he is a viner and that us him in the picture


1. this is me

"Cam come here" I said

"Yea babe" he said walking in the kitchen

"Can we find a house or an apartment I'm getting sick of my mom she is too annoy."

"Ha yea sure but the money?"

"Oh I have that covered." I said in a mysterious voice.

" hehe your so weird." He said

" that's not nice to say to your fiancé now is it?"

" HEY I'm sorry missy I didn't mean it to be mean you little AHHHHHH. "

" HU what got into you. " I said teasing he more

"Alright I'm done I'm gonna go take a shower. "

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