Untold stories

Many people try to imagine what really happened after the Deathly Hallows. So here it is! Follow all of Harry Potter's and Ron's children as they go to Hogwarts perform spells in Hogwarts.


1. Ever After Ever

          Authors note: Hi, this is my first Movella. I love to write and I especially love reading Fan-Fic's  of Harry Potter next generation. So here it is. Enjoy!


The day Rose Weasley was born laughter and joy filled St.Mungos. Bright green eyes, and reddish-brown curls framed the face of Rose Weasley. The brightest of all people was Hermione Granger Weasley, but the rest of the family were shocked to meet a girl Weasley because this was a rare event. Soon, the whole Weasley clan gathered to observe the newest member of their family. "She looks like Muriel," joked George. "Shh, we must let Hermione and Little Baby Weasley rest," replied Molly. When everyone had left, Hermione didn't rest, instead she stayed up and gazed at her little baby. "You are beautiful, and have potential to bloom into a beautiful woman one day. So, your name will be Rose." No one knew, even Hermione that "Little Baby Weasley" would be one of the greatest witches in the world.




           "Bye Rose, me and your father love you! Write everyday," replied a deeply sad Hermione. Rose watched her parents as she boarded the bright red Hogwarts Express. Reality sank in for Rose. "Everything is going to change, I'm a wizard," she mumbled. As the train boarded out of the station, she could make out her parents waving goodbye, and the pouts of Jealousy between her cousin Lily and Hugo. She felt sympathy for them, they were always last to do everything. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted when Albus began yelling excitedly "ROSE, ROSE, WHAT HOUSE DO YOU WANT TO BE IN?.....I WANT TO BE IN GRYFIFNDOR." "Calm down.. and I I don't know what house I want to be in, But I guess if I could chose I would say....Rose was rudely interrupted when suddenly the Carriage Door burst open, revealing none other then Scorpius Malfoy. Anger and hatred spread throughout the Carriage from the Weasleys. 

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