our love story

I'm Dustie Hutto. It all started at a Black veil Brides concert where i saw him again after so long. Will he remember me? Will he even care that I'm here? Are we still friends?


1. Before the concert


I was so exited when my Best friend Liberty Walker told me that she got me two ( Two so she could go with me) Black veil brides tickets with back stag passes for my birthday. But then i remembered that if i saw him i most likely would just go back to being depressed like i was when he moved away.  I knew that Liberty didn't know that i knew him sense my mother had thought it best if we moved somewhere that nothing would remind me of him, so Liberty was confused when i started to cry.

"Dustie what is it i thought you would have been exited" she said

"It's nothing just happy tears" i lied

"Those are not happy tears you know i know you better than that now tell me whats wrong" i sighed but decided to tell her the truth.

"Andrew Dennis Biersack used to be my best friend but after he moved to continue his music career we lost contact and I'm scared about seeing him. Will he remember me?Will he still be my friend?" I asked her while sobbing.

"OMG! Dustie first how could you not tell me you knew Andy Biersack? And secondly why wouldn't he remember you or be your friend? your an amazing girl and if he is in any way rude i will personally kick his ass"

" I love you Libby your the best" she always knew how to make me smile.

"i know I'm Amazing you can obsess over me later but right now we have to figure out what  are going to wear to the concert."

"Mom gave me her credit card so we can go shopping if you want." I told her already feeling better

'YES! lets go to the mall and i"m picking out your outfit i mean no offense but your fashion sense sucks." she said while smiling

" okay i was going to ask you to do that any way" Honestly i do suck at the whole fashion thing.

When we got to the mall Liberty dragged me from store to store talking the whole time about how she still could hardly believe that i knew Andy and didn't tell her but honestly i wasn't listening i was still worrying about what would happen. Andy and i had been best friends he was always there for me like when my dad died he was the only person i could talk to about it . I was in love with Andy back then but before i could tell him he told me he was moving away so he could sing i was so happy for him at first because i had known he had always wanted this but then after he left and when he didn't contact me i thought that maybe i cared about our friendship more than he did.I became depressed and wouldn't leave the house so mom decided all i needed was a fresh start. I'm happy i met liberty she really helped me through my depression even if she never knew why i was so sad all the time.

"This is perfect you look like you didn't even try yet so hot" She said breaking me out of my thought i looked at the outfit and fell in love with it she was right as always. When sh e got her outfit she looked stunning any guy would love to be with Liberty she was just so pretty but she loved single life and always said that when the right guy comes along she will know and then they will live happily ever after.

"Oh my gosh Libby its almost nine thirty we need to go home we have to get some sleep before the concert tomorrow" I said with a yawn all the shopping had made me tiered

"Okay but I'm staying the night at your house so we can spend all day getting ready"

I knew she just wanted to come over to stare at my brother she though he was hot. When we got there Jordan (My brother) was watching a movie and Liberty decided that we were going to watch it with him. I fell asleep before the previews were over.





Hey do you like it? Hope so.Pic above is Dustie

PS. lol Liberty the brother thing BFB

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