One Direction

Raegan MC'call, Cidnie Shannon, Kinsey Jones, and myself Keniyah Brooks.We are in love with 1D. But when we get tickets to their concerts what will happen?

ps. Raegan loves harry. Kinsey loves liam. Cidnie and I both like niall. But she also likes louis


23. a dream really!?

Everyone started clapping and yelling NIALL NIALL NIALL i was so confused then i heard the beat to you and i i turned around and saw NIALL how could this be i thought he was dead. I ran up to him and gave him a hug. WAKE UP KENIYAH ITS NOON niall said. i woke up so fast this was a dream im so glad it was. I told niall all about my dream. he was so scared he didnt even want to drive again. THE END HAHAH U DIDNT SEE THAT COMING DID YOU SORRY IF I HURT YOUR FEELINGS.           btw these names are REAL an they are my REAL friends 

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