What rain can do to a boy in love....


1. Tears

His hair was almost dripping down on the floor as much as the rain pured down on the ground outside. Drops slowly fell down from his nose, making a tiny pole in front of the big one his feet were in. A single tear feel down on his cheek.

He was late.

The boy was gone.

Key slammed his fist into the wall, a frustrated sound leaving his lips.

Why? Why did all this rain come just when he was about to solve everything with Jonghyun. Why did the rain have to soak him completely? Why did the rain have to make people walk even slower than they used to, so he couldn't get of the train? Why? Just why did it have to rain today?

He placed his wet cheek against the cold wall. After a few minutes both his cheek and his shoulder started hurting. He didn't cared. He had lost everything by being late. Why on earth should he care about the fact that his body was hurting, when his inside hurt twice as much? The tears streamed down his face, hided by the rain, which was still on his face. He stared out at the pouring rain, just then a lightning lighted the sky up.

He sighed. Closing his eyes a second, two seconds, three seconds, five seconds, ten seconds, thirty seconds, one minute. He just stood there, thinking about the boy. The boy in his dreams. His dino.

Hands landed on his shoulders. Lips landed on his cheek and a breath landed on his face. His fantasy had started running wild. He had no urge to open his eyes. What if the dream disappeared? The dream felt so real though. It was almost like the other boy was really there. His hands felt so hot against his cold skin and the lips were by now working magic on his neck. If this moment would just last forever, Key could die a happy man.


Keys eyes opened up in shock. Staring at the person in front of him. Jonghyun. He started sobbing heavily and throw his arms around the other boy. "Jonghyun." It hadn't been a dream the boy was really there, the rain dripping from the edge of his hair. His hair and cloth completely soaked.

The boy was really there.

Maybe rain wasn't such a bad thing after all. Key smiled wide, before he pushed his wet lips against the other pair of wet lips in front of him. 


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