Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


20. words

Guys I am very sorry I was being a

Pixie stick ass so sorry but ima upload

I also just made the skating team so im going to

try to be serious haha right jo's so happy yes

yes I am ok on with the story my pickles.


Jordan's POV

Me: My mom this was my mom ( I breathed out)

As liam looked around for some words I kept my head down not wanting to see peoples

gazes even though I could fell them like if everyone had laser vision or some crazy shit.

Sam looked at me with sympathetic eyes even though she just lost her mom how could

I can be such a wimp I thought to my self. But of Corse every time anyone of us has a sweet moment

it gets ruined. Are heads snapped in the direction of the noise that scares all. And of Corse it had to be

murfurfinking zombies just great. I mean not just two or three I mean fucking at least twenty.

Sam: ahhhhhh ( she screamed from fright I would do the same but I think I cant anymore)

( the zombies just kept moving towards us and it was pising me the fuck off.

(I grabbed Liam's bow & arrows and aimed it at the group of zombies (aka Walkers : PS im stealing that from the walking Dead sorry just a huge fan)

Me: I swear to god If you dead flesh eating walkers or here all call all of you bob's, I swear to god if

all you Bob's don't stop moving so I can get a head count I will kill of you, do you understand me

Bob's?( I yelled at the now dead starring walkers looking at me I swear I saw a couple laughing.

as I was starting to count them because they stopped moving weirdly enough I heard everyone trying to stifle there laughs.)

I turned around to look at the laughing/crying people now I asked

Me: well when we run from these walkers ill make sure to trip you guys.

(they all shut up right away)

Me: thank you ( I stated happily)

Liam: Jordan ( he stated while elbowing me)

Me: what

Sam: um Jo there coming

( at that I turned around to see the crowd moving closer)

( everyone started moving back Liam toke sam )

Liam: come on Jordan lets go while we have a chance ( he said while moving backwards)

( I tossed liam his bow and took out my knife and stared at all of the Bob's while I screamed)

Me: It's a good day to die young while being mauled by flesh eating walkers ( I screamed while running towards the group of Bob's )

(but before I could Harry and Louis caught me and were dragging me off well more likely running while dragging me)

Harry: no it's not a good day to die ( he stated while running with me after a good twenty minute run

we found a blocked off building that I was shoved into.)

Me: that was not cool

Sam: I think your banana's ( she said while laughing)

Me: ok who told you to call me that?( I asked while pointing at her and wiggling my eyebrows)

Sam: your dad

Me: DAD (I stated crossing my arms)

My dad(Rick): hey you are if harry didn't stop you, you would zombie chow

Me: hey don't call them zombies there names are Bob's well if there is more than one but Bob if there is one

Rick: loony ( he stated while swirling his fingers in a circler motion towards his head while whistling.)

Me: and your not?( I asked in a cocky ass tone)

Rick: no im actually mentally stable

Me: hey I came from you

Liam:ya sir she has you beat on that one sir

Rick: sticking up for your girl hmmm, I like you kid you ok

Liam:yes ( he said as he fist pumped)

Me: ok guys we need to get some things out

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny

and with that we need to be able to fight so its either be brave and fight or be eaten


sorry pickles short update so love ya and ima happy

so so happy yep im defently happy Jordan (AKA JO) made the skating team yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok see ya again




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