Engelsk fanfiction

Hejsa;-) synes lige jeg ville forsøge mig med en engelsk fanfiction istedet for dansk;-) lad mig høre hvad i synes;-)


1. brother-sister day

"Stop it. It's not funny" I said, while laughing my pants off. Niall tickled me, and he wouldn't stop it. "Give me a kiss and I promise I will stop" he said. "What?" I answered. He stopped tickling me, and looked a little nervous. "I... I think i have fallen in love with you" he said nervously. I slapped him in his face, and walked away… or... That's what I would've done, if I didn't love him also. So actually I smiled like a happy lama, and planted my lips on his. He stopped doing everything and just sat there for a while, until he began kissing me back. I then pulled away, smiling and Niall did precisely the same. "I love you too Niall" I said. He blushed a little, which made me smile. "Will you be my princess?" he asked. "Of course I will" I said in a very happy mood. "Awe… Love is in the air" Harry said. I smiled very much. "But... What about Louis?" I said, while looking back at Niall. Louis is my brother if you didn't know. "I don't know... Should we let him find out or..." Niall replied. I hit him on his shoulder. "Oww... What was that for?" he asked. "For your stupidness" I replied. That made Harry laugh his ass of. I looked at him with a lifted eyebrow. "You shouldn't laugh. You are just as stupid as him. You are dating 80 year old women" I said. He suddenly stopped laughing, and just looked madly at me. Niall started laughing. "Too bad you can't say anything about her Harry" Niall said. Harry got up, and walked out of the kitchen, without a word. That made me laugh, and give Niall a high-five. I was just about to kiss him again when Louis came in. "what are you doing?" he asked. We pulled away from each other, and just looked awkwardly at the ground. "I think I'm going to take a bath" Niall said, while walking out of the kitchen. "No! I want to tell him" I said while pointing at Louis, who looked confused. Niall looked nervously at Louis before he looked at me. "Please!" I said. "Okay okay…" Niall replied. Louis just looked really confused. I looked at Niall’s lips, before I kissed him. It was easier than if I had to tell Louis about it. We pulled away from each other, and both looked at Louis again. He kind of dropped his jaw. "Did you just..?" he asked. Niall looked at me before he looked back at Louis again. We both nodded. "Are you…?". We interrupted him by nodding again. "Okay... That surprised me... Congrats" he said gladly. I looked surprised at him. He sighed with a smile. "You thought I was going to get mad right?" he said. I nodded. He started laughing, and I just looked confused at him. "Yeah... I’m your brother and now is the time where I should tell you to stay away from each other…" he said. I slowly nodded, which made him laugh silently. "I can't do that to my own sister.. or my best friend.. I don't want to be a jerk" he said, smiling and turned around to make some breakfast. I looked back at Niall and smiled, and he did precisely the same thing. We kissed each other again. "Just… get out of my sight before you kiss guys" Louis said, without turning his face to see us. I smiled at him, and winked at Niall which made him laugh. "No seriously guys… I mean it" Louis said, finally turning around to see me and Niall swallowing each other. Even though he just said that, he smiled at us. "Wow… you guys really like each other huh?" Louis laughed. "mmhhhm" I mumbled against Niall’s soft lips. He then pulled away. "No really... I want to go take a bath… I’ll be back soon" he said smiling. "I'm going to miss you!" I said. "I'll miss you too" he said, kissing me one last time before walking out the kitchen. I turned around to see Louis preparing to make pancakes. I jumped over to him. "Are you going to make pancakes?" I asked. He laughed at me. "Yeah… I thought you'd like it?" he answered. I nodded like a crazy Lama. "Ehh.. When did you?" He asked. "Just before you came out here actually" i quickly answered. "Oh wow.. I thought you were hiding it from me in a longer time" he said. I sat up on the kitchen-table. "Nope" i said, and shook my head a little. "Ok.. Hey Jessica.. I thought.. That maybe we could have a sister-brother day? It's been too long since last time" he said. "Yeah, you're right.. I would love that Boo" i said. "Great! What should we do?" He asked. "I don't know.." I answered. "Ehm.. We could go see a movie, and then shop a little bit.. Or something like that" he said. "I would love to" i said, jumping down the kitchen-table. "I want to go get dressed now" i said, kissing his cheek before leaving him. Yeah.. Our relationship is very strong for a brother and sister.

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