Where am i?

Hello ��I'm Ella James. I live in London England. So get this. I'm spending a regular day at home when I go to sleep. I wake up and I'm in someone else's room. I look in the mirror PHEW!! I'm still me but… where am I?


1. problems

Ella's POV

Hello, I'm Ella James. I live in white chapel but I'm moving. TO LONDON! I know what your think chill girl it's not THAT far, But it is for me! All of my friends, family EVERYONE is being left behind. I have to clear my head maybe going to sleep will help.

Niall's POV

I'm having probably one of the worst days of my life. I got yelled at by simon for some shit, the lads fucking hate me and my friends won't talk to me. All think I'm to "famous" for 'em. Worst part is I have to go on tour with these idiots who hate me. Life sucks dick. Oh well i guess that's the life you live when you're a "celebrity". Maybe I'll just sleep it off. I just hope everything goes back to normal.

Hay guys! Know this might be a little boring but it's just a filler really. I have bigger stuff planned for this. I HAVE unpublished the battle of the bands because no one was reading it. Oh well ya win some ya loose some. Anyway hope you enjoy sorry it was so short ash<3xx

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