Broken and still fighting

17 year old Emma decides it's a good idea
to go to a party on a school night! She doesn't
turn out so great when she relizes
where she is....:)


1. The first day of school


       I walked into high school. I saw my 2 bffs katelyn and Lilly;) ( we were the three populars) I walked over to my boyfriend Harry styles ( he's in a boy band called 1 direction and he is the leader & he's the most popular guy- go figures ), who I've been dating since 5th grade. I go over and I kiss him I say "hi babe long summer huh" he smirks "yeah" I laugh and he walks me to class. 


  Emma's P.O.V

       *** ring ring ring *** my alarm goes it's 5:30 am, I wake up from that terrible dream. Hi my name is Emma Borrerro I am 17 years old and go to Oakland High in California. I have 2 bffs Sadie Clark and Carolina Carozzini. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I live with my mom and my 2 older brothers Jake (19) & Josh (24). Back to the story- I get up take a shower let my hair air dry while I get dressed in blue skinny jeans, my studded white belt, and a black half shirt that says CALI on the front in silver, then slip on my black vans. I straighten my hair grab my back and leave. I was exited to see my friends but Molly Valentine was my enemy, the popular girl. I head into school and pass Molly she gives me a dirty look bit I ignore I see Sadie and Caroline waiting for me I see them. They hand me my schedule which is highlighted with all the classes we have together. I'm so distracted by the colors I bump into someone and they dropped there stuff I go to pick it up. I hand it to the person then relized it's Harry Styles from 1D and he's looking at me. I quickly say "sorry" then dash away. I find  my locker and put everything in it. I head to my first class biology - my fav

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