So Out of my Limit (Ziam)

Zayn malik, the most popular junior in school, is stuck having one of the teachers he absolutely hates. Mr.Payne. It's not like he tries in school so when he gets devastating news, he's forced to work with mr.payne... And fall for him?


1. 1

Zayns P.O.V.


I was bobbing my head up and down to the music that was blasting through my beats headphones. I had just woken up and gotten ready and had some time to spare. It was Monday morning.. 6:30 to be exact.

I wasn't really ready for today. It was the first day of my senior year and I could care less. It's not like I did homework or payed attention. It was all just a social event to me. As I kept bobbing my head, I saw a little head peak through my bedroom door. It was my mum, greeting me with a wide smile. I greeted her back but my smile wasn't genuine. I pulled my headphones down so they were draped around my neck. "Hey mum" she took a seat on the edge of my bed. "You ready for today, sunshine?" She rubbed my arm, and wouldn't quite smiling. I nodded silently and looked down. It was always really awkward when my mom came in randomally and just started talking to me. "Promise you will do your homework this year alright?" She managed to get out. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Just because it's a new year doesn't mean things have changed mum" I said right as I grabbed my backpack and headed out.

School started at 7 and it took about 10 minutes to get there. I figure getting there early was better then listening to mums 'encouraging' speech. I didn't have my schedule yet so might as well get it early. I walked out the door and hopped into my black sports car. I lived in a two story house but it was still big. We had a I ground swimming pool in the back with a huge yard and we all had nice cars. My dad has a good job And my mum writes things for newspapers and things. I don't know how but we get a ton of money. I buckled up and tarted the engine. 'Alright zayn here we go to hell' I pulled on the road and drove off.


When he gets to school

I walked inside with my bag, and took a quick glare around the school. I took a look at my watch and noticed it said 6:45. I had fifteen minutes to spare so I went down to the office to get my schedule. I used to go down to the office almost everyday for lunch and they made me work on my homework. I never improved though. I hate going down to the office. One reason: because it's the office. Second reason: the ice president is only 23 and flirts with me a lot an it's weird. She is attractive but I'd rather not get involved. I was considered popular because I played football and soccer, and all the girls are apparently 'dying' to get with me. I've dated a couple girls but really what I do is have one night stands at parties or something. The only bad thing is sometimes girls get attached and come back for more. I've only 'dated' one girl in high school and she cheated on me but it didn't bother me.

As I got to the office, I slowly walked in and stared at my feet. "Zayn!" I heard a voice say with excitement. I knew exactly who it was. Miss Chester, the vice principal. I looked up and noticed she changed her look a little. Got brown highlights but other then that she was the same. "Hi Miss.Chester" I smiled back. It was obviously a fake smile. "Don't be silly dear call me Bella" she put her hand on my shoulder. It was already getting creepy. I moved away slightly and tried to make it seem normal.

"I came for my schedule" I sternly said. She nodded and started walking back into her office. It was now 7:50 and kids were starting to fill in the school. "C'mon zayn come with me" miss Chester- I mean Bella calmly said. I widened my eyes slightly as I followed. When we got back into her office I stood right by the door. She grabbed a single paper out of A filing cabinet filled with kids schedules. People came into the office for them and I could hear the voices echoing in the main lobby of the office. She handed it to me and smiled once again. "Thanks" I mumbled and got out as quick as I could. As I got out infront of the office, I was greeted with 'welcome back' and 'hi zayn I missed you' but I was really happy to run into my bestfriend, Louis. "ZAYN!" He screamed and hugged me tightly. I hugged back and smiled. "What's up bro?" I wrapped my arm around his shoulder.

"I have to get my schedule so be right back" he mumbled while running into the office. I took this time to study my schedule.

First period; 7:30 - 8:40 Mr.Payne Writing

Second Period; 8:45 - 10 Mrs.Lee Algebra 2

Third period; 10 - 10:45 study hall room 201

lunch A; 10:50 - 11:20

Fourth period; 11:25 - 12:10 mr.Kase history

Fifth period; 12:15 - 1:25 Miss Baylor Science

6th period; choice class (choose from lists) 1:25 - 2:30

Dismissal; 2:30


I mentally groaned when I saw my first period. Mr.Payne. I have never had him before but he came to this school last year as a student teacher. I heard he's only 22. But I've also heard his class is hard and you can't get away with anything. I already hated this guy with a strong passion. I was still mentally groaning when Louis came back out. "Miss Chester is creepy she totally likes you. She told me to tell you hi" he shook his head and looked through his schedule. He glanced at mine and then back at his. "Zayn we only have like 2 classes together" he frowned. "What classes?" I asked, crossing my arms, glancing at all the people who seemed familiar. 5 minutes till first period which as I said before, I already hated this guy. "We have first period and study hall" he slumped. I nudged him and smirked. "Do you know what this means?". He smirked back and nodded instantly. "Oh yeah". "The tom and mal system!" He jumped up and down. I chuckled and rolled my eyes. Louis and I did this thing where we determined to annoy the teachers. But for some reason he takes our last names and names it something stupid. "I heard mr.payne is terrible." I sneered and rolled my eyes thinking about all the work. "I heard that to" Louis tapped his chin thinking. "That justs means he is more fun to annoy. He's only like 22 so he won't know how to handle it like most teachers. Maybe he will send us to the office and we can ditch" lou planned out.

It was a great plan and it sounded fun. We put our bags in our lockers and made our way to hell. Otherwise known as writing class. We walked in two minutes late and sat in two seats in the very back. Mr.payne was taking attendance and glanced at us. I smirked at Lou and we fist bumped. "Who are you two boys?" Mr.payne said with a deep, thick, British accent. "Tell em Lou" I mumbled so only louis could here it. "Louis tomlinson and zayn malik sir" he said in a heartbeat. "Well you two should know, it's not good to be late on your first day" he looked up at us. He looked at Louis because he was the one talking, but I could see him glancing at me. 'This guy is an asshole' I thought already. "Don't care" Louis grinned and looked at me. I nodded and agreed with him. "Whatever" I heard that Payne guy say. Writing class went by pretty quickly because all we did was go over names and writing techniques which was still hell. Mr.Payne was such an ass who thought he was actually being clever.

Next class was study hall. Room 201. Louis and I quickly walked down to room 201 which was the library. I took a look around and saw niall horan and josh Devine. I smirked and nudged louis like I did earlier. He saw what I was looking at and raced over there. "Niall! Josh!" They were sitting in a little reading area; Niall on the couch and josh on a little chair. "Hey man!" Josh gave Lou a high five and smiled. I walked up to niall as Louis and josh talked. "Hey buddy" I sat next to niall and smiled. The four of us were all trouble makers and together, we were terrible. Well, for the boring students and teachers. Today was just read a book and talk quietly, so we just talked and discussed our classes. I had 1 class with josh and had 3 classes with Niall. Josh and niall were kind of like Louis and I. We had other friends but one bestfriend. I didn't really notice a girl walking up until I felt weight put on my lap. I looked up immediately and was met with brown eyes. It was a blonde girl who I knew a lot in the past. One of my one night stands but one of the most popular girls. She sits at the same lunch table as me. She was also the school slut who went around sleeping with guys. It was Taylor Swift. "Zayn! Guess we have this class together!" She whisper/shouted and grabbed my schedule out of my hands. I looked around at the boys confused and they just turned away like they didn't know me.

I hated them. "Yea" I laughed nervously. "WE ALSO HAVE SCIENCE TOGETHER" she almost screamed and jumped up and down on my lap. I wanted her to get off but she wouldn't. She just likes me because she's trying to make her ex, zach, jealous. He's one of my buddies on the soccer team. "Science partners?" She asked and smiled down at me with a devilish smile. "Um" I scratched the back of my neck. "Niall is in the science class and he already said we were partners" I lied. Niall tapped on my knee that Taylor wasn't sitting on and laughed. "Already with josh on this one. Sorry Zee" he stood up, grabbed josh, and they walked behind a book shelf. I always thought they would be cute together but niall claims he isn't gay or bi and either is josh.

Lou was still sitting beside me when Taylor finally left after an awkward conversation on a party she's having soon. I hit louis on the arm hard. "I hate you. You could of told her to go away" I grumped and he laughed while standing up. "C'mon let's go talk to niall and josh".



The day went by fairly quickly. Lunch was the same as last year. All the popular sat there. (me, lou, josh, ni, Taylor, zach, ariana grande, bridgit mendler, a girl named Sara, and a guy named Cayden) All my other classes were alright. Except science. I was stuck with Taylor and she's a little to obsessive and she kept flirting with me. Why doesn't anyone get what a one night stand is? Basically all we did in most classes was go over everyone's names (cheesy, I know) and watch videos and talk about what the class is gonna be about. Welcome to the new year zayn. Welcome to the new year.

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