The Reason I Write

The reason I write... Is it for love? Frustration? Boredom? Do I even know? (Cover credit to Herleen28)


1. The Reason I Write

If you were to look at me today

And ask why I write so

To you I'd likely say

I do not actually know

Do I write because I like to read?

Or is it for a boy?

Does poetry fill inside me

A wide, gaping void?

Do I put my pencil down to scratch

Out a simple tune?

Do I want to express how alone I feel

LIke I'm falling to ruin?

Do I set myself to a particular tone

Or am I freefalling to a neverending maze?

Can I catch myself before I hit

Bottom and am razed?

But the real reason, I suppose

Life slips away so quickly

More quickly than a wilting rose

I can't help but want to capture the moment

In a lovely little rhyme

I want to cherish each day, hour, second

Before, to live, I'm out of time

That is the reason, I reckon

For the time I spend

Sitting with my poem-book

Writing, for life is beginning to end

To set me free as an untethered kite

From the chains of time's unnerving mend

Is the reason I write

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