That guy.

This is about a girl called alana (me��)
Who meets a boy in a apocolypse, they fall in love. But will they survive until everyone is cured? Hmm I wonder.
(I'm not going to follow the actual plot of the walking dead btw).


1. new story; chapter 1;

Woah first story, hope you guys all like it🙈.

It was December the 31st, my moms birthday. My dad took us away for Christmas and partly my moms birthday. He took us to Atlanta. My dad always wanted me to be able to protect myself, so he signed me up for fencing. Pointless really, when am I going to carry a huge sword round with me?

I had my eyes on the latest Semaray sword. It was so awesome! My dad was so happy when I passed my final on fencing. So he brought me one while we was on holiday!!

It sits under my bed in our apartment, so my little brother dosnt touch it.

My mom and dad wanted to have a night to themselves, so me and my brother stayed in our apartment, while our mom and dad went out.

It was now 2am.

My brother was asleep on the sofa, so I left him and jumped in my bed.

I herd screaming. It was now5am, I thought my brother had just had a bad dream, I jumped out of my bed, and went to him. He was standing staring at the front door.

'What are you looking at?' I asked

He pointed to the door, and a loud banging started.

'Ill get mom!' I said starting for my mum and dad's room.

'Mom' I yelled, bursting through her door.

Mom and dad wasn't in there room.

I grabbed my sword from under my bed, and walked back to my brother.

I looked out the little peep hole.

'Its just mom and dad, they must have had a rough night, they look terrible!' I said bout I open the door.

My brother grabbed my hand, he pointed to the telly.

'A curious illness has broke out and spread to most corners of the globe! They are being the dead back to life! But they are craving flesh! Stay inside. And stay safe!'

'Wh-what?' I stuttered.

'What we going to do about mommy and daddy?' My little brother said looking into my eyes.

'Lock your self in the bathroom. Josh, do NOT come out until I knock on the door three times! Okay?' I instructed my brother.

He looked up to me, and nodded.

He hugged me and ran to the bathroom. He was only 4! I had to get us out of here, and to a safe place!

I took in a deep breath, swallowed my fears, and grabbed the door handle.

I turned it.

What used to be my Mom and dad burst through the door, I jumped back. They ran at me.

I felt a uncontrolled tear run down my check.

I swung my sword, and the beast that used to be my mom dropped to the floor.

Then the other ran at me. Taking me to the floor. I kicked it off me, and stuck my sword through its head.

I held back the tears, I covered what used to be my parents with a blanket.

I went and got my brother, he ran out the bathroom and clung to my legs.

'Look at me, I will look after you, it's going to be hard, you need to keep up with me. And never take your eyes off of me! I'm going to get us a pack pack, I want you to get your jacket, put it on, get a big knife out the kitchen, and put It in one of the holdalls, get some food and put it in there, if you have room get a spare shirt, and trousers, we need to get out of this area. Okay?, I told josh.

He looked at me for a while, taking it all in.

'Okay' he nodded.

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