Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


3. Chapter 2

~Anne's POV.

Ugh, there four boys in my class, and they already started bully me, they don't even know me. Probably for populairity, ugh.... Let me tell you a story.

As little kid, you can call me a Cinderella. My parents never treat me good, they beat me, force me to do things, and my dad raped me like all the time, and my mom don't even know it. One person in the whole universe knows my story, and thats Pink. She lives alone because her parents died in a car crash, but she said that I should move in with her. But I didn't want to, because I'm strong. I think...

'Youre such a freak, why would you dye your hair purple?' a boy with curly hair and green eyes said but I jus ignored it.

Ring Ring.

finaly. now I hope Pink has a great les. We have art now, we both love it and the teacher loves our talents.. I walked pretty fast, and I saw Pink talking with a boy. he was cute, a type for Pink. omg... Shit! Those guys are coming to. shit!

'Hi Pinkie' I said a little sad.

'OMG, Anne, did someone bully you, again?' she asked worried,

'Y-Yes but I don't know them, the new kids did it.' I replied and then, someone shouted, again.

'Youre such a freak who dyes her hair purple?' the same guy asked and smirked.

'And why would you dye your hair pink?' Pink didn't look at him first, but when he said that, she looked him straight in the eyes. her beautiful pink eyes. he gasped.

'Well, let me think. First: We didn't dye our hair pink, or purple, we are born with it. Second: don't call is fucking freaks, because you want to be populair and all, you don't know our lifes. Thirth: Cloth your mouth you will catch flies!' She had anger in her eyes. He clothes his mouth quickly and said

'You have pink e-e-eyes...' He stuttert.

'Yeah, and if you want to be populair, be nice for ones. That youre in a band doesn't mean you can do everything you wanna do!' she replied calmer.

'So you can stand up for yourself, so what?' A boy with blond hair and blue eyes said.

'If you really want to know, we are getting bullied all the time we are on this school...' Her eyes turned to red? he gasped. 'You don't know our life, but let me tell you want thing about my life, I live alone because my parents died in a car crash 4 years ago and since then I'm getting bullied, and by who bullied me, are this the memories of!' and she showed her wrists, full of cuts all of the boys gasped

'Do you still think its funny to call us freaks?' She asked a little calmer, again.

'Uhm... Uh... We didn't know that... Sorr-Sorry.' The one with black hair said and the boys looked down. The learned their lesson, I hope. Pink sighed, and nodded.

'Its okay, just think before you say something, but lets start over again.' All the boys looked up with smiles and nodded except one guy with brown hair.

'Except for you Liam, you didn't do anything wrong.' She said and smiled at him. He looked happy when she said that, So his name is Liam.

'Well my name is Anne.' I said happily.

'Okay I have a weird name so I don't say it.'

'Haha okay, I'm Zayn'

'I am Niall.'

'I am Louis, the sass masta.' he joked.

'I am Niall.'

'And I'm Liam. But just say your name. It match you.' He said to Pink.

'Uhm... Okay, but don't laugh at me, My name is Pink.' And she looked down. Liam grabbed her chin and put it up.

'Don't.' He wispered.

'I think it is a beautiful name, love.' Harry said. And Liam looked down, I think he likes her, but I'm not sure, but I think Pink likes him, and I am gonna help her. :)

~Nialls POV.

I think Anne is pretty hot, I mean who is born with purple hair, and she is nice, smart and beautiful, I think I'm falling for her. But still I love my food. Talking about food, I am STARVING.

'After art you can eat something in the cafetaria.' Pink said giggling. I said that probably out loud.

'Yes you did, But really Pink ART?!' Liam said excited, and Zayn to.

'Ýup, ART lessons, but if your good, you have to see Pinks art creations. There the best!' Anne said.

'I bet its not.' Zayn replied.

'Fine, if it is, you have to pay my lunch, if its not, I'll pay your lunch. Deal?' She hold up her hand.

'Deal!' Zayn said and shook her hand, and I have a feeling Pink wins.



Hi guys,

I hope you like it, I'll try to update soon. :)

Bye babes.


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