It All Started In New York

A girl and here best friend win a competition. Then it all starts; in New York.


1. Intro and the start


~~I was just sitting there, thinking. A lot had been going on lately but I was taking a break this night. One direction here I come


Me and my friend had won tickets to the “bring me to 1D”. We had entered the competition through the Swedish XFactor, and we actually won. I never believed we would, that’s that sort of a thing you do because you know there be like a 0.0001 % chance you will win but at the same time you never actually believe you’ll win.
So the price was to be flown over to New York where the concert is hold in Madison Square Garden and then you’ll meet them all at a “meet and greet” aka the “bring me to 1D”.
Right now, I and my friend Emma are at our hotel in New York, getting ready for the show. We’re so excited and full of energy.
We are finally done fixing and grab a cab to the world famous arena, Madison Square Garden. We get there and walk over to the place we all who won tickets, were told to gather at. At 7pm sharp a big guy walks over to the group of girls we now are.
“Hello girls! Follow me and I will show you all your seats” the guy says and we follow him into the arena.

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