The Ozone

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  • Published: 26 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 26 Feb 2014
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Its is a poem about the ozone.


1. The ozone

High in the sky...
Where the peaks can't reach
Even the biggest of the birds can't fly
Not even a lily or a peach...

Lies the blue sphere
Made from droplets of rain 
Bright, but not flashing a leer
Where morsels of blue dust remain

The anonymous hurting character of the sun
Which can burn a flame in a moment
Which can cause the lives of earth to abandon,
Which leads the earthlings to be death's servant

But, the harmful rays are not seen,
As the blue layer repels it...
Not many are keen....
How the layer may break ? How can it be hit ?

The most clever earthlings,
As powerful to discover it,
The human beings,
May cause the layer to get hit!

Ah! Many wonder,
Why can the blue layer be destroyed by the people?
Some rare elements plunder
The beautiful guardian shaped like a ripple

Alas! These rare elements are nothing, 
But rare elements created by the human 
Which can make many tools into one thing
But the worries are not the tools, but the factories and the vehicles that run....

Little does anyone realize,
Trying to fulfill our needs,
We may, but not knowingly terrorize,
By even chopping trees which grow under harsh conditions from seeds

We should stop thinking more about comfort,
And try to
Put in effort..
To save the planet which we are on, me and you..


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