How can I love you if I hate you

Kady only used to have one friend all through High School and that was Patrick thanks to Harry no one ever liked Kady and they used to bully her. She's finally out of there and so is Patrick they both decide to go to the same college to study. But Kady needs to find a job to pay for her expenses. What happens when the only job that can give her a lot of money and not work for many hours and travel the world is to Dress and style the guy that made High School a living hell. Yup Kady will be the assistant dresser and hair stylist for One Direction and will have to put up with them. But she will also experience a true love with Patrick that will change Kady's life and Harry's attitude towards her. Want to know what it is well read to find out.............................................................


4. The Job


Kady's POV

 "Alright then Kady welcome to our family you are now my assistant stylist." Lou said as we shook hands. I had no choice but to work for this job thank god I only have to work for this year only I will have enough money to pay for college for the next years and never seeing these people again. All the boys were in there and when I finally signed the contract they made like a relief face. Lou told Harry to tell me sorry and like a great actor that he is he said sorry with this shameful face almost pleading for forgiveness but I know he just did that to look good infront of everyone. 

"Okay Kady now that you signed the contract its time for you to get to work so the boys are going to the Brit Awards later on and I need you to start getting them ready. So just pick who you want to go first." She said giving me a smile and just looking at me to see who I was gonna pick. Just when I was gonna pick the blonde one, stupid Harry got up and said "I should go first since I'm the one that finishes faster." Lou said alright and took me to the room that was one of the dressing rooms.

"Alright thank you Lou." Harry said as he stood by the door as I went to the table where the mirror was and started to the closet where the clothes was. Just when I was gonna get something Harry slammed the door which made me think he broke it.

"Alright Bitch tell me why the hell you are here? Are you stalking me is it because you always liked me and you couldn't get over me?" That asshole said as I was all confused. 

"Liking you are you serious I have never ever liked you asshole." I said as he sat on the chair were the table was he was looking for something.

"Oh yeah sure thats why you would always sit next to me and try to be in the same classes like me and now here were I work." He said taking out a comb and started to comb his hair. I was very mad I felt like slapping him but that would get me fired. Instead I went up to where his was threw his comb somewhere and looked at him directly into his eyes.

"Look asshole I'm not here to stalk you or anything like that and I won't tell you either whats my reason here, so let me get things clear I'm only here  for the money." I said as I saw him get mad and looked away.

"Just like all of them only come here for the money." He said as he was looking at me again.

"And why else should I come here to be your friend or something." I said as I saw him get kind of mad he got up and went to the closet to look for the right clothes. But really its true I'm here only for the money why should I be here for Harry he has always treated me bad like a bitch thats how he treats me.

"Look bitch this is what I am going to wear what do you think." He said showing me a black pants, black suit and a lace skull printed shirt.

"Since when does my opinion matter to you?" I said as I can see him getting frustrated. I swear this is the best revenge to get on him. 

"You stupid bitch if I look bad its all you fault." 

"It will be my fault for letting me dress you like that but it will be your fault for having bad taste." I said as he came quickly to the mirror seeing if it looked nice on him.

"Look at yourself later boy come and sit, I just want to finish with you already." I said pointing to the chair. 

"I swear if you make me look bad I will cut you."

"Oh shut up asshole I might hate you but I'm not gonna make you look bad in front of the whole world." I said as though I really wanted to make him look bad in front of the whole world.

*thirty minutes later*

"There" I said letting him look in the mirror as he kept staring at himself which make me feel annoyed.

"Not that bad bitch." He said giving me a grin.

"Stop looking at me like that and go put your suit on and tell the next guy to come in."

I styled only did 2 of the guys and Lou did the other 3 since she told me that she had already picked the look for them.

The other guy I styled was Liam Payne he was a very nice fella I tell you. He wasn't at all like Harry he was a calmed guy and very nice to me. He made some jokes with me and also told me how I knew Harry I didn't want to tell him the whole story so I just said we went to the same school. I know he wanted to know more but I just couldn't tell him his best friend was a son-of-a-bitch that made my life miserable before and well now too.

After all the guys were ready, they were in the room they were always in just talking to each other and watching tv, eating. Then one of there body guards went in there and told them it was time as they were coming out I was going to the room where I styled Liam and Harry. Liam gave me a smile and waved bye as I waved back at him I felt something trip me. And again just like High School Harry did it again and humiliated me in front of his friends who were laughing of course. Liam just turned around to look at me he was the only one not laughing, he was about to help me get up but when he was coming. Harry grabbed him by the shoulder and dragged him to the elevator. Well this went well I said getting up and walking away.


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