2 is a Friendship, 3 is a murder

Me and Jacob had been friends for 9 years. We have grown together as a family. One day, as I'm approaching Jacob, I find his secret and the reason he stopped loving his ex-girlfriend.


1. Ave's P.O.V.

I cried finding out my best friend's girlfriend was murdered I pulled out my phone quickly and dialed Jeremy's number. It took about 4 rings before he picked up, "Hello." " Jeremy! " I said screaming with tears down my thought trying to breathe, " Julie, died!! ". " I know" Jeremy said with a calm voice which sounded like he was trying to fight back tears. " I'm scared, she was murdered, and she is your girlfriend, and I. I. Are you okay??" The first words Jeremy spoke surprised me, and made a boom in my heart that scared me for life. " Julie, she's not my girlfriend!, we broke up two weeks ago and I've moved on, plus I think she's just acting dead.." I was pissed, trying not to curse him out I quickly hung up the phone and powered it off, I closed my door, turned off the light and powered on the television, with the volume at 12, I knew I wasn't gonna sleep, for a long...long...long.. Time.

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