Levi Horan

Niall left for the x factor before Raine could tell him that she's pregnant. Two years later, Niall comes into town.


3. Chapter Three

Liam P.O.V.

"So you have a son and you didn't know about him?"

"Not until today." Niall answers. 

"It's a good think Zayn knows how to change diapers. What did...Raine, tell you about him?"

"She told me he was born on January 2 and that he's smart for his age."

"Every mom says their kid's smart for their age."

"I know." Then Zayn walks in with a blue eyed baby in his arms.

"Never again." He hands the baby to Niall and walks away.

Levi climbs out of Niall's arms and walks over to me.

"You Li-um?" His voice is choppy.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" 

He points to my shirt. I look down at my shirt. It says "Liam"

I slowly look back up at Niall, who's eyes are wide open.

"I guess she wasn't making it up." I tell Niall.

"Where Zayn?" Levi asks.

"Go look for him." Then Levi walks in the same direction Zayn went.

Levi P.O.V.

I find Zayn in the kitchen.

"Did you do it?" He asks.

I nod. Zayn told me what to say to Liam nd where to point.

"Here's your reward." He says And gives me a piece of chocolate. "We're gonna be great friends."

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