The New Girl

Becky, the fashionista, Tina the dancer, and Jordan the comedian are three girls with the same dying passion. To entertain. So they team up and thus forms 3G1C standing for three girls one camera. So when they get the E-mail to be apart of the MAGCON family they don't give it a second thought. But to be apart of it, they need to spend the summer in North Carolina where the boys will be at Nash's place. Will they all get along, OR NAWWW?! Will they're chances be ruined? Find out in The New Girl


2. Chapter Two

"JORDAN YOU BEST BE GETTING OUT OF BED TO CATCH YOU'RE FLIGHT!" My dad screamed, waking me up. I smiled as I brushed my teeth. I'm getting to meet the MAGCON boys! I jumped into the shower.


I feel good! I knew that I would! I feel good! So good! So nice! And I feel good!

I pulled on my green tank that said in black letters "DON'T KILL MY VIBE" that was tucked into my black high waisted shorts with my black Vans. I pulled my long brown hair into a ponytail. I grabbed my suitcase and my backpack with my MacBook Air, my camera and tripod.


We went through security and everything and now we just waited to board our plane. Oh, just get us on the plane please. I pulled out my iPhone and began vlogging.

"Hiya people of the internet. So we're at the airport waiting to go to North Carolina!" I laughed as both the girls stuck their head in the shot.

"Flight number 203 to North Carolina is now boarding. I repeat Flight 203 to North Carolina is now boarding." The attendant said.

"Alright! Bye guys!" We all waved. "So we're all just gonna vlog then put it in one video for our group video?" Becky asks as we walk down the little hallway thing.

"Basically." Tina answers, already recording herself as the plane door came in view.

"Hey guys this is how you board a plane!" She points the camera at her feet then walks in. I laugh.

"YAY!" She ended it. That was so stupid but so funny.


We walked out the airport into the warm summer breeze. Yep. I could get used to this. "So we're looking for-" Becky was cut off by a man in a blue Adidas track suit.

"Girls! It's great to finally meet you! I'm Chad Grier, but everyone calls me Coach Grier." We shake his hand.

Seems like a really nice guy. "I'm Becky, this is Tina and Jordan." She smiles.

"Alright well we better get going the boys are so excited to meet you." We nodded and started walking to his car.


Do you know that feeling you get when you're super nervous and excited so you just sit there all fidgety and you feel like you wanna scream in excitement or vomit in nervousness. That's all I felt. What if we didn't get along? What if nothing goes our way? What if we never get onto Magcon? Coach Grier parked his car on the driveway and we climbed out.

We walked into the house and it was pretty quiet. Except the racket coming from the backyard. "I'll put these in your rooms. Go on, the boys are in the back." He smiled.

It was a straight hallway. When you entered it was the living room then you could see a hallway and down the hallway you could see the kitchen. We walked past the kitchen and slid the door open to find them running around with water guns.

"Ugh, boys." Becky groaned walking back inside. Tina and I continued to watch.

"Great summer." I said sarcastically.

"Yep." She nodded. We both burst out laughing and the ruckus stops.

"Hey you're here!" Cameron smiled.

We nod. All these shirtless boys I thought would affect me, but they didn't. "So you girls like what you see?" Taylor winks at Tina.

I smirk. This summer really couldn't get any better. I knew Tina was going to say a snide remark so I grabbed her arm. "Excuse us for a second." I faked a smile. I pulled her into the house shutting the door. I knew the boys could see us through the glass door but whatever.

"What are you doing?! I was about to insult him! It was really good too!" She yelled at me.

"Please don't yell at me." She looked sad as she remembered why I hated being yelled at.

"Sorry." She mumbled looking down. I nodded.

"We can't insult or argue with them until we get to Magcon. So just try to go along with it. You can't make any enemies." I explain. She nods. We walk out back onto the porch.

"Coarse I love what I see." She beamed, putting on the most fake smile I've seen.

"Hey aren't there three of you?" Aaron points out.

"Uh, yeah. She had an emergency." I nodded. They went along with it. I couldn't tell them she walked off.

"Hey well, how bout we clean up and we can watch a movie or something. Your pick." Matt suggests.

"Sounds fair." Tina shrugs and we walk back in.

"Movies are on the shelf." Nash explains walking upstairs. I plop down on the sofa. I was so tired.

"Alright I say we watch Battle of the Year." She suggests.

What movie was that again? "With Chris Brown." She reminds me.

"Any Fast & Furious movies." I say, my eyes closed. Flying is tiring. She nods.

"Number five." She says.

"Hello ladies." Becky says. I open my eyes to find her strutting her new open back top.

"Testing your boundaries I see." Tina smirks. I roll my eyes.

"What if I thought these boys were pretty hot?" She flips her blonde hair.

"So showing your back is supposed to help them fall for you?" I ask. Tina laughs from the other couch.

"You two will never understand. I'm going for a walk." She says strutting away.

"Hey Becky! You're forgetting something!" I shout after her. She turns around.

"The back of your shirt." I burst out laughing with Tina and she slams the door.

"Wow, is she always that sassy?" Shawn says sitting down beside me. I smirk.

"Nah, she's just cranky cause she's on her period." I lie. Tina snickers as the rest of the boys make their way down.

I pulled my hair out of its ponytail. "Wanna be best friends?" Shawn whispers out of nowhere. I giggle and nod.

I have a best friend? I was so deep in thought I almost didn't notice Nash sitting in my lap. Almost.

"I'm Nash." He smiled that smile that makes girls legs go weak. Mine were too, good thing I was sitting. But he was sitting in my lap. Ermahgerd! Nash Grier is in my lap! Wait didn't he say something? What did he say?

"You there?" He chuckled. The rest of the boys laughed and I looked down trying to cover up the redness of my cheeks. He got off my lap and sat down beside as the movie started. It was quiet for a good ten minutes until Shawn leaned over to my ear. "Don't take these assholes serious. They're just teasin'" he whispered.

I looked up at him and smiled "thanks bestie." I kissed his cheek and directed my attention to the movie.


I felt my eyelids getting heavier as I could feel myself falling asleep on Shawn's shoulder. That's when I felt it. Someone's eyes on me. I opened my eyes to little slits to peek. It was Nash and he was smiling. What was he looking at? Forget it Jordan. I shut my eyes again and let sleep take over my body.


When I opened my eyes, I was in Shawn's arms. I smiled he was a good best friend. He looked so cute sleeping. I looked to my left to find Nash cuddling a pillow. His shirt was off. When did he take it off? I sighed to myself, confused. "Everything alright bestie?" Shawn asked, his voice was barely affected in the morning. I nodded. He smiled. "I'm gonna go empty my bucket." He joked. A giggled as he walked away.

"So you and Shawn?" My eyes flickered to where the voice came from. Taylor. I rolled my eyes.

"What about Shawn and I?" I asked, full of attitude.

"You guys. Seem close. Closer than we are with him." He smirked.

"Well I am cuter than you are." I shot back. Something about Taylor made me give off this attitude. He opened his mouth to say something, but someone cut him off.

"It's true Taylor. She is cuter than any of us." I turned to Nash and he smiled sleepily at me. My heart fluttered. I turned back to Taylor, my eyebrow raised.

"So what, now you've got a thing for her?" He sat up, glaring at Nash. He was about to reply when Becky walked down the stairs.

"Good morning everyone!" She chirped. She walked away and into the kitchen.

"Is she…in her underwear?" Taylor whispered. "Excuse me." I stood up and ran into the kitchen.

Is she out of her fucking mind?! "What are you doing?!" I yell whispered at her. She smirked.

"Just pouring myself some OJ." I wanted to slap her at how stupid she was being. "Have you lost your mind? Coach Grier could kick you out of his house. Then we'll all have to go back home! I'm having a good time actually!" She laughed.

"If I end up being his son's girlfriend he won't kick us out." I raised an eyebrow.

"Which one? Hayes? Wi-" she cut me off.

"No you idiot! Nash." She whispered. I scoffed. "I don't think prancing around the house in lace underwear looking like a fucking whore is gonna get you Nash's heart." She gasps and something cold hits my face.

I wipe the orange substance from my eyes. "How dare you?!" She whispered. I squeezed the bridge of my nose. Don't cut her. 1, deep breath. 2, happy thoughts. 3, open your eyes.

"Look just put on some pants." I say and walk past her and rinsed my face then dried it with a towel.

I walked out the kitchen and she followed closely behind. "Um, Excuse me. Becky right?" Taylor smirked. I knew where this was going. She nodded, a grin on her face.

"I think you forgot your pants." They both laughed and I felt bad but at the same time I didn't as she ran up the stairs. I turned to the boys shaking my head.

"C'mon that's pretty funny!" Taylor laughed. Someone's arm wrapped around my shoulder.

"What did I miss?" Shawn asked.

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